Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Game Guide

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ACT III ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The Courtyard of the Gods is your new home base. You have the normal stuff 
here (though they have different names, such as "Riddling Flame" instead of 
"Trivia Computer"); and, you have your choice of two missions. Do them in 
whatever order pleases you.

                         BRIDGE OVER FROZEN WATERS

* Courtyard of the Gods (S)
* Bifrost Bridge
* Midgard Gate (S)

* The Gate of the Gods
  Open gate at the end of Bifrost.

 Optional Objectives
* Dragon Fang
  Find the sword of the Valkyrie, located somewhere on Bifrost.

[] Strike point: Courtyard of the Gods
[] Body point: Courtyard of the Gods
[] Storm's Simulator Disc: Bifrost Bridge
[] Black Panther action figure: Bifrost Bridge
[] Sketch book: Bifrost Bridge
[] Daredevil action figure: Bifrost Bridge
[] Spider-Man's Simulator Disc: Midgard Gate

Explore your new base. There are three large wood structures, with porches. 
On one porch is a Strike upgrade and a grate where you can stand to summon 
Hermod, god of speed and messengers. (Or you can chase Hermod down; he's 
running in circles around the Courtyard. Whatever floats your boat.) 
Actually, contrary to what Nick Fury says, you do not have to talk to Hermod 
or Sif to begin either mission.

Anyway...on another porch is a Body upgrade. On the third porch you'll find 
Sif; talk to her with Thor for a little unique conversation. When you're 
ready to open the gate to Midgard, find the portal to the Bifrost Bridge.

Immediately to your left, on top of a stone, is a Simulator Disc (Storm). As 
you advance over the first stone bridge, Valkyrie calls in with an optional 
side quest. Go across the bridge to a four-way intersection. Take a left, and 
pick up (USE) the torch next to the column. Swat the column (ATTACK) with the 
torch to light it up. Keep the torch; you'll need to light some more fires 
and it's an extremely effective weapon against the undead Viking warriors.

Go back and straight through the four-way intersection until you reach a 
Viking ship. At the right end of the ship is a Black Panther action figure. 
Go across the ship and light two more fires (one to your right and one 
straight ahead), then continue to the left (from the ship) and straight to a 
fourth fire. When you light it, you see a brief cutscene of a large hammer 
appearing on a platform.

From the last fire, hang a left and go across to a grassy area with three 
paths leading away. Take the center path to get the hammer you saw appearing. 
This weapon takes out any of the Viking warriors in one blow. Use it.

Back at the grassy area, take the right path. Go to the end, where you see a 
raised area with a rune symbol. A bit further up the path is a large stone 
column with the same rune. Push/pull that stone column over the raised area 
and a weapon cache appears. In addition to assorted loot, the cache contains 
a Daredevil action figure.

Now go down the stairs next to the cache and look to your right. There are 
four Viking archers over on floating platforms. Either KO them with ranged 
attacks or send a flyer over to the platforms to bash them into submission. 
When you've taken them all out, four runes on the main platform light up. 
Step on all four to raise a platform that allows you to continue.

Keep on going, passing by a large wood gear. When you reach a dead end, turn 
around and look to the left of the stairs you just came down. There's a 
sketch book.

Go back up to the large wood gear and USE it; then, play the mini-game 
(rapidly tap the key shown on screen) and the portal to Midgard Gate opens. 
Before going through, look on the opposite side of the gear from the portal. 
you'll see a sword in a stone; this is Dragon Fang. Hop up and USE it to 
complete the side quest.

Step through the portal to find yourself at the end of a long bridge. The 
camera is fixed in the rear position so you will always move away from the 
screen (forward). First, move toward the screen (backward, or "down") to find 
a Simulator Disc (Spider-Man) at the end of the bridge.

Advance along the bridge, alternately dodging fire from the dragon heads on 
either side of the bridge and beating up Viking warriors. (Unfortunately, you 
lost the big hammer when you left Bifrost Bridge. Can't have everything...) 
Continue until you reach a raised wood drawbridge. USE it to lower it.

Now you have to run down the bridge dodging fireballs coming straight at you. 
There's no fighting involved, just dodging. The game will instruct you to 
dodge the fireballs with MOVE + GUARD; however, there's an easier way. Get 
right up against the edge of the bridge on either side and you can advance 
comfortably without being hit. When a gap appears on your side of the bridge, 
wait for a pause in the fireballs; then, run across to the other side.

Simple. At the end is another drawbridge with a SAP in front of it. Take this 
opportunity to save your game. Lower the drawbridge and it's time to fight 
the Wrecking Crew.

The easy way to handle this is to find one of the big axes that are laying on 
the ground. Have your strongest melee character pick one up and use it to 
smack the de-construct the Wrecking Crew. It's really rather easy. (Or, if 
you're up for the challenge, try doing it the hard way using just your powers 
and normal attacks. Your choice.)

When the Wrecking Crew have been laid to rest, smash the wood blocking the 
gate and open it up. Portal back to the Courtyard of the Gods for your next 


Triva Game