The Sims 2 Open For Business Tips & Secrets

"Hi, when you're playing the Sims 2 Open For Business, make a home business. Even if your Sim is anti-social, this is a great way to make wads of cash. Buy one of the little ticket things, and make people pay to come to your house, then buy a hot tub, or a game system, or anything that boosts fun/social levels. The Sims of your neighborhood will gravitate to your house, and you can just sit back and relax. " - Wouldn't you like to know

"I have 160,000 simbucks unspent and my house is worth 320,000 bucks. Just sell the most expensive items you can find. I took the perks to buy cheaper wit my perk points.

Hire workers. Don't hire a saleman unless he has good charisma or he'll turn people off buying stuff.

I started out with a cashier and a restocker. After a couple days I got another cashier and another stocker.

Now I have the max of 8 employees. One is sales and he is useful sometimes but my 2 sims are much better for this job.

I have all 8 employees, I call them in then send half home so they can rest for later. I keep restockers and cashiers. I send the employees home when their status dots become red. Then I call in whoever is already at home. I do this rotation so they can all sleep. I use my sim points to buy the machine which max's out all abilities. I use this on my sims so they don't have to sleep. It keeps us working hard.

I have 3 cards for sale, lots of pictures. The 6000 dolla statue I have doesn't sell but the bowling lane does along with the pictures, cars and the vase.

Don't hire friends cause then you can't sell to them. Sometimes another sim buys 2 cars from me in the same trip.

Some sims don't like to be sold to, they find something and their buy meter fills and if you try to help sell they just get upset and their buy meter goes way down. Hiring a salesman isn't good for this reason. He won't realize they hate talking to ppl.

I don't give my ppl breaks. Sometimes it makes them last longer but I just call in the other shift.

I have more money than I can spend. I've revamped my lot twice to lay out items the best. Have the cash registers close and ensure they're not against a wall. People like to walk infront of them. People line up to the right of them so ensure there is lots of room. If your sales room is small your sims will have probs getting around to restock and sell.

My whole lot is outside, nothing is enclosed. I have lots of room for ppl to walk around sims who are stuck focusing on a buy.

Happy Simming!" - JeckLamnent