GTR Review

The lack of cutting edge graphics seems less a consequence of production values and more as a result of the gameís very steep system requirements. The physics model under the hood is obviously demanding a very large chunk of your processing power and the graphics simply need to take a back seat. If you donít have an absolutely cutting edge machine, then youíll need to scale back the graphics even further.

The game does not skimp whatsoever in the area of sound, though. The car engines each have their own unique sound and each sounds quite realistic as it revs up and passes through each gear on the way to full speed.

GTR has multiplayer support for internet-based racing, but this aspect of the game leaves something to be desired. Lag, drops, and jump-aheads happen too often to make the game recommendable to those looking for an online racing experience.

GTR is a love it or hate type of game and as such is probably relegated to a rabid cult following. The simulation is just too brutal for all except those who really seek an ultra-realistic driving sim. Everyone else will spend each race sitting in frustration in the grass along the side of the track.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 80%.  If youíre looking for an ultra-realistic and brutally difficult driving experience on your PC, then you should take GTR for a spin.

System Requirements: Pentium 1.2 GHz; 384 MB RAM; 32 MB video RAM; 1 GB hard drive space.


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