Titan Quest Walkthrough

***VIII. The Blindness of the Gods***
Take the path behind Kyros and talk to Apollodorus to get to Egypt.


===City of Rhakotis===
Go northwest a little and Imhotep will be there so talk to him.

---Side Quest: The Family Heirloom---
Reward: 6000 EXP, Relic Shard
	40000 EXP, Relic Shard
Talk to Anherru who is right next to the Rebirth Fountain. To get the sword
back, you have to the jackalman boss. He spawns in a random location in the
city. Once you kill it, take the sword and bring it back to Anherru.

GO northwest pass the gates next to the Rebirth Fountain. Once you get to an
obelisk, go northeast. Then take the left or right path around the buildings
and go northeast some more toward a Rebirth Fountain. Head northwest until you
get to an open space. Go west from there and keep going west/southwest until
you see a giant statue of some guy sitting down. Go northwest and into the

===Rhakotis Library===
Go northwest and then you should see an NPC, Neb-ka-n-ra. Talk to him and go
through the doors to the archives.

===Library Archives===
Go to the Rebirth Fountain. From there go three rooms northwest, two rooms
northeast, one room northwest, one room northeast, three rooms southeast, one
room northeast, two rooms southeast, and two rooms southwest. The stairs
leading to the next floor will be there.

===Library Vault===
Go one room northwest and toward the northeast is a door. Open that and there
will be a scarab boss. He can attack you, shoot bug liquid at you, and shoots
eggs at you. The eggs will hatch into mini scarabs. If they do hatch run away
from the boss scarab and kill those first. Then get back to the boss scarab and
beat him down. Keep yourself healed, but this battle shouldn't be too hard.

Once he is defeated, go northeast and grab the scroll and take the stairs up
to above ground.

===Hathor Basin===
Get to the Rebirth Fountain and just go northwest until you get to the next

===Wadjet Canyon===
The side quest that you get will give two skill points so it will be worth

---Side Quest: The Beast of Legend---
Reward: 7500 EXP, 2 Skill Points
	40000 EXP, 2 Skill Points
When you enter the canyon, go northwest and you will see three NPCs. Talk to
Seba to get the quest. Go northwest all the way. You might have to go around
some rocks and walls, but you will end up near a bridge. From the bridge go
northeast and you should see a POI icon. Go towards it and enter the cave. In
the cave go northeast and the scorpion will be there. If there are any enemies
around him kill them first then get the scorpion. It isn't a hard battle so
after you defeat him you will get the reward.

Now go back and go across the bridge.

===Nile Floodplain===
Nothing here too. From the Rebirth Fountain go north a bit and then go
northwest.You should come across some broken wagons and pass through two
torches. When you see a merchant icon on the map just head towards that to the

===Village of Sais===
---Side Quest: Plight of the Nile Farmers---
Reward: 8000 EXP, Relic Shard
	40000 EXP, Relic Shard
Talk to Makara who is right next to the Rebirth Fountain to get the quest. From
the fountain go east until you get to the shore. Kill all the reptilians north
and south of the shore and return to Makara to get your reward.

From the merchant, go northwest to the temple and talk to Thuti. When you are
done talking go northwest.

===The Lower Nile===
Go northwest for a long distance staying near the waters.

---Side Quest: A Promethean Surrounded---
Reward: 7500 EXP, Magical Jewelry
	38000 EXP, Magical Jewelry
While you are going northwest, you will come across some ruins. To the west of
that is a group of rocks. If you go further northwest there will be another
group of rocks. From the rocks go northeast until you hit the wall and then go
northwest. There will some monsters. Kill them all and talk to Inen to get your

Just continue going northwest while staying near the waters and you will be in
the next area.

===Memphis Outskirts===
Go north a bit and take the road to the northwest that is in between the grain
fields. Once you get pass the grain fields go north and you will be at the
entrance to Memphis.

---Side Quest: Lowest of the Low---
Reward: 8500 EXP, Powerful Ring
	40000 EXP, Powerful Ring
From the entrance go northeast and you will see an NPC, Merab, so talk to him.
Go around the Beggars Quarter and get rid of all the shadowstalkers and return
to Merab for your reward.

Now go into Memphis

===Memphis Plaza===
Go northwest pass and area that has water in it and Imhotep will be right next
to a camel. Give him the scroll and find out what to do next.