Heroes of Might & Magic V Cheats

First use a text editor to edit autoexec.cfg which can be found in the profiles directory in the directory to which you installed the game. Add the following to the end of the file and then save and exit from the editor:

setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

Start the game.  Press [~] and then enter these codes during gameplay:


add_all_spells Current hero gains all spells
add_army town town 1 Add units from town to current hero
add_exp X Add X experience to current hero
add_gold X Add X gold
add_money X Add X to treasury
add_skill skill Add points to skill skill
clear_money Remove all stockpiled resources
set_hero_luck_morale X Y Set luck to X and morale to Y for current hero
show_hero_mp Show current hero's movement points
show_player_money X Show player X's resources