Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Walkthrough

This is going to be a long chapter, so get your aspirins ready. You'll 
need to explore the island, and if you don't know the way, you may 
find yourself lost in no time. Refer to the following screenshot I 
took from the game for reference:

You'll begin in the dining room. Take a look at the ten sailor boys 
(ok, eight sailor boys now) on the dining table. It appears that a 
sailor boy will be removed every time someone dies.

Go to the game room now.

Wargrave and Armstrong are having a game, again. Watch the cut-scene 
until you resume control. Talk to both of them on every option. After 
that, go to the front door and exit the mansion to the front patio.

Emily is knitting here. You'll need her to help knit something later, 
but for now, just talk to her on every option. After the conversation, 
take the left path, past a few screens, to reach the wood shed.

Remember the location of the wood shed, as you'll have to come back 
later to find a dead body (oops). Click on the door to enter the shed.

You'll find the following stuff in the shed:

1. A large shovel.
2. An empty hurricane lamp.
3. A card.
4. A bucket.
5. A step ladder.

Take them all, and examine the card, which says:

       |                                                      |
       |                   Empty Promises                     |
       |                                                      |
       |   Dark memories haunting you? The fuel for pleasant  |
       |    thoughts must be found before all lie in ruins.   |
       |                                                      |
       |                                      - U.N. Owen     |
       |                                                      |

Also, check out the axe and the generator in this shed. After that, 
leave the shed for the garden.

The garden has an area with a pump. Go near there to find a length of 
garden hose. Take the hose. 

Next, select the bucket from your inventory and point to the pump. 
You'll get a bucket of water for your effort. You'll need this bucket 
of water very soon.

Remember the area where you saw Marston earlier, when you saw him 
holding something in his hands? Go there - from the front patio, go 
down one screen, then go left to reach this area.

You'll find Blore and Lombard here. Talk to them to find that Lombard 
is planning to build a parachute to escape from the island. At the end 
of the conversation, Lombard will pass the parachute plan to you. Copy 
the plan into the journal and read it. You'll soon find the stuff 
required to build a parachute as the game progresses.

Continue walking towards the beach. On the way, you should reach an 
area where you can see Shiprock Summit. Point at it to find out that 
it's the highest point on the island. Then carry on walking one more 
screen to see a path leading to the right. Ignore that path for now, 
and instead take the straight path until you reach the beach.

Walk around the various areas of the beach. You'll find MacKenzie in 
one of the areas. Talk to him and hear him go hysterical again. Now, 
go back up from where you came from. Now, you can take the path you 
saw on the right. 

You should now be in a screen with four paths crossing each other. 
Refer to this screenshot:

Let's call this the crossroad screen. The various paths lead to 
different parts of the island:

1. The one (bottom left) you begin on leads back to the beach. 
2. The top left path will eventually lead back to the study.
3. The top right path will eventually lead to the apiary and orchard.
4. The bottom right path leads immediately to Shiprock Summit.

For now, take the path to Shiprock Summit.

Vera is here, so talk to her. After the conversation, leave the area 
and proceed to the apiary. Return to the crossroad screen and take 
the top right path. Go forward four screens to reach the apiary.

You'll know that you hear a buzzing sound. Yes, this area has bees. 
They won't attack you though. The beehive is hidden in one of the 
blocks. You're clever enough not to open it, so just take the basket 
of fermented apples from this area, and then go left. 

In the next screen, go right to reach another screen with a split 
path. Take the bottom left path, and continue on the straight path 
until you find the orchard. 

Apples! You need to pluck them. It's time for the step ladder you took 
from the wood shed to make its appearance. Place the ladder underneath 
the tree on the right, and climb up to take the basket of fresh apples 
(where did the basket come from?).

After getting the apples, carry on going forward to the next screen. 
You've two paths to go. From where you're, it's difficult to see the 
upper right path since it's pretty well hidden. Nevertheless, take it 
to reach the next screen.

A goat greet you at the end of the screen. He's blocking the path, and 
you can't pass him. Look around for a water trough. Select the bucket
of water in your inventory and click on the trough. You'll pour the 
water into the trough. The thirsty goat will then walk towards the 
trough to drink water, giving you the opportunity to sneak past him.

Before you leave this screen, however, click on the sunflowers to 
check them out.

You've reached the ruined village. Go into the first house you see, 
and take the small gas can in it. Visit the second house and take the 
leather goat harness in it. There's nothing to take in the third 

You can now go back to the screen after the orchard. This time, take 
the lower right path. This is another area with goats - yes, two goats 
now. Click on them to find out that they're hungry. 

Try going forward, only to find that your path is blocked by some 
thorns. You can't get through here until later, so remember this area, 
and make your way back to the mansion.

Ok, on my previous "map" of the mansion, I've purposely left out an 
important room so as to minimize spoiler. Now that it's time to 
reveal this room, I'll add it into the map, as below:

      Service Staircase
             |                               Screening             
      Rogers' Bathroom                         Room
             |                                   |
             |                                   |      *SECRET*
      The Rogers'-----                           |       *ROOM*
      Room          |                            |          |
         |          |           Main --------- Game ----- Study
      Pantry        |         Staircase        Room
         |          |             |              |
         |          |             |              |
        K i t c h e n             |              |
                  |               |              |
                  |               |              |
                  |               |              |
                Dining -------- Foyer -------- Parlour
                 Room             | 

Yes, there's a secret room in the study! Remember the contents of 
Robson's diary? A secret passageway is mentioned. To gain access to 
this secret room, go to the book shelf to the left of the study table.

NOTE: This is NOT the book shelf to the left of the room.

Examine the shelf to find three books:

1. Upper shelf - "Safe Passage of the South Sea Islands".
2. Middle shelf - "Sailing the Florida Keys".
3. Lower shelf - "Navigating the Panama Locks".

To open the secret room's door, do the following:

1. Place "Navigating the Panama Locks" onto the upper shelf.
2. Place "Safe Passage of the South Sea Islands" onto the middle 
3. Place "Sailing the Florida Keys" onto the lower shelf.

You comment that you hear a click. You can now gain access to the 
secret room!

There're a lot of things to do in the secret room. First off, take a 
look at the poster on the left wall and start singing a song. Next, 
examine the shortwave radio on the table, and open the panel on it. 
You'll find a vacuum tube marked 305GT inside. Take it. You now have 
all the vacuum tubes you need.

Leave the table for now, and check out the chair instead. You'll find 
another card from Owen that reads:

                |                              |
                |        Talk is cheap         |
                |                              |
                |    And rumors can be ugly.   |
                |    Keep your secrets safe.   |
                |                              |
                |                  - U.N. Owen |
                |                              |

Walk to the end of the room now to find a locked door. This door can 
only be opened if you manage to crack the safe on it. The key to 
cracking the code is found on the coded message you found in Marston's 
room. Also remember what was written on the code-breaking cypher about 
a King James Bible. You've a King James Bible from Emily's room. It 
looks like you've everything needed to decipher the code!

Combine the coded message, code-breaking cypher and the King James 
Bible to get the decoded message. Copy this message into your journal 
and take a look at it. It talks about a homing beacon on a buoy, and 
also provides the code to crack the safe: 

                          L28  R 11  L49

What this alpha-numeric sequence means is simply to turn the dial on 
the safe in the following sequence. I've provided screenshots just in 
case you can't figure it out.

1. Left until the arrow points to 28.
2. Then right until the arrow points to 11.
3. Then left until the arrow points to 49.

If done successfully, you'll comment that you hear a click. Now, point 
to the handle on the safe. It's opened! Enter the safe room.

You'll find a sturdy rubber raft in the safe room. Take it.

There's a metal cabinet in this room. To its right is a hollow area on 
the wall. Point to it for some information this room. 

Examine the cabinet next. Notice the various drawers on the cabinet 
are labelled as follows:

                      [ A ] [ E ] [ E ] [ E ]

                      [ H ] [ L ] [ R ] [ S ]
                      [ T ] [ U ] [ V ] [ W ]

Click on the "E" drawer immediately right of the "A" drawer to find a 
black raved-shaped earring. Then, click on the "H" drawer to get a 
torn corner of legal document. You'll find that clicking on "H" after 
clicking on "A" switches the positions of both drawers. This is a clue 
for opening the hidden door in this room.

Before you proceed with the hidden door, however, click on the "S" 
drawer to get the microphone with base and cord, follow by the "V" 
drawer to get a card that says:

     |                                                        |
     |                     Row your boat                      |
     |                                                        |
     |   Gently down the stream. Unless it's a fishing boat.  |
     |                And the sea is mean.                    |
     |                                                        |
     |                                        - U.N. Owen     |
     |                                                        |

You can now attempt to unlock the code for the hidden door. When you 
click one drawer followed by another, the positions of these drawers 
interchange. You'll need to interchange the positions of these drawers 
until they look like this:

                      [ R ] [ U ] [ L ] [ E ]

                      [ T ] [ H ] [ E ] [ W ]
                      [ A ] [ V ] [ E ] [ S ]

Yeah, RULE THE WAVES. Corny.

The door to the hidden passageway opens. You enter to find that it's 
too dark, so turn on the light with the switch on the left. Continue 
thereafter to reach the grotto.

Comb the grotto. You should find a one-man submersile. Cool! 
Unfortunately, it doesn't work anymore. Examine it for a propeller 
though, and pick it up for your inventory. 

From the beginning screen of the grotto, go left and cross the long 
and winding metal bridge until you reach the other side. Pick up the 
large oars here, and also check out the barrels if you want. 

Continue forward to reach a wooden door. Open it and enter the passage 
to another part of the ruined village.

Move around a bit to find that you've been standing on a pair of 
pliers. Take the pliers. Go forward and click on the vertical wooden 
panels, and you'll find that they're out of place. You'll 
automatically enter into the next room through the panels.

There's a hole in the ground. Select the large shovel from your 
inventory and point to the hole. You'll start digging and will 
eventually get a manual air pump for your effort. 

Continue walking down the path until you reach a ladder. Climb up and 
try to open the door above, only to find that it's locked. Tough luck. 
Return to the grotto instead.

From the beginning screen of the grotto, go right to reach the shore. 
It's time to row some boats! From your inventory, combine the 
following items:

1. Sturdy rubber raft
2. Manual air pump
3. Large oars

Hey presto! You'll get the inflate rubber raft with oars! Select this 
and place it on the shore. The sweet looking raft awaits you. Point to 
it and watch the cut-scene as you find yourself rolling out in the 
stormy seas. You'll soon find yourself being washed up to another area 
of the ruined village. 

Go to the first house and examine to the left of it to find a cross on 
the ground. Examine it to find another Owen card:

            |                                          |
            |                 Old Bones                |
            |                                          |
            |            Are left undistrubed.         |
            |  Not new bones however, if you're game.  |
            |                                          |
            |                              - U.N. Owen |
            |                                          |

Enter the house to find a wooden box on the left. Open it and take  
some tangled fishing net from it. The ingredients for the parachute is 
almost complete!

Go to the right to find a wooden door by the cliff. Enter it, and 
you'll find that this was the door that was locked in the passageway 
to the ruined village just now. From here, backtrack all the way to 
the game room in the mansion, phew!

A previously unseen item appears here - the dice box. Who put it here? 
Anyway, pick it up, and then decompile it to get the empty dice box 
and a small desk key. Remember the locked drawer on the study table? 
Go to the study now.

Use the small desk key on the locked drawer. Yes! Another book! This 
book is titled "Bee keeping on the Sussex Down". This mansion has all 
the weird books. Copy the contents into your journal as usual, and 
read them. The book teaches you how to make a makeshift smoker. So, what 
do you do? Make a smoker, of course!

The steps for making a smoker:

1. Decompile the pouch of tobacco to get an empty pouch and tobacco. 

2. Combine empty hurricane lamp with tobacco to get hurricane lamp 
with tobacco inside. 

3. Combine the hurricane lamp with tobacco inside with length of 
garden hose to get unlit smoker.

4. Combine unlit smoker and packet of matches to get makeshift smoker.

With the smoker, you can now go back to the apiary and subdue the bees 

Use the makeshift smoker on the block with the bees. Watch the cut-
scene as the smoker does its work in putting the bees to sleep. You 
can now open the block and take the honeycomb frame inside. with this, 
you can make a glass of honey:

1. Combine honeycomb frame with Oversized cocktail shaker to get a 
cocktail shaker filled with honey. 

2. Combine cocktail shaker filled with honey with one empty drink 
glass to get a glass of honey.

Two more empty drink glasses to use, so you might as well go and use 
them now. Head towards the kitchen.

Remember the fruit press near the pantry? It's the key to getting two 
more glasses of drinks. Before you begin, however, decompile the cheese 
wheel covered in cheescloth to get a heavy wheel of aged cheese and a 
piece of cheesecloth.

To get fresh apple juice:

1. Select the cheesecloth and point to the fruit press. The 
cheesecloth will be placed nicely into the press bucket.

2. Select one empty drink glass and point it to the front of the 
bucket. The glass will be placed there.

3. Select the propeller you found at the grotto and point it to the 
press. The propeller will be fixed onto the press.

4. Select the basket of fresh apples you found at the orchard and 
point them to the cheesecloth. The apples will fill up the press 

5. Point to the press and it'll do its job in pressing the apples into 
fresh apple juice!

Now, take the basket of fermented apples and repeat the same process 
to get apple cider.

With the apple cider, you can go beyond the area with the two hungry 
goats, where you were earlier blocked by some thorns. You can also 
go out and to talk to various characters to end this chapter. However, 
you may be interested in doing an optional side quest just to make use 
of some items you've found earlier. If you're not interested in this 
side quest, you can skip the next section.

This side quest involves taking fingerprints of some characters. 
Take the service staircase and go up to the second level, and then 
create a fingerprint testing kit. To do so, simply combine the turkey 
baster in your inventory with the small amount of flour to get a 
turkey baster with flour (duh!). To test for prints, simply select it 
and point it to an item, then use the roll of sellotape on the item 
to get the prints. 

First and foremost, spray some flour with the turkey baster onto 
Marston's drink glass in your inventory. Use the sellotape on the 
glass next to get the print taken from Marston's glass.

The prints you can get in the second level are:

1. Armstrong's, from the doctor's bag in his room.
2. Vera's, from the makeup case in her room.
3. Emily's, from the makeup case in her room.
4. Marston's, from his briefcase, which is to the left of the bed in 
his room.

Next, combine the print from Marston's glass with the reference print 
from Edward Armstrong and find that it's not a match. Repeat the 
process for the reference prints from Vera Claythorne and Emily Brent 
respectively to find that there's no match as well. Finally, do the 
process again for the reference print for Anthony Marston to find that 
the print is an exact match. 

So, it seems that no one else has touched Marston's drink glass except 
Marston himself.

This redundant information is what you get from this optional side 
quest. No wonder it's optional!

Now, you've done a lot of things in this chapter, so I'd suggest you 
take a break from further exploration around the island, and leave 
the area with the goats till later. Instead, leave the mansion for the 
wood shed.

You'll find Blore and Lombard there. Talk to them to find out how's 
their search for Owen coming on. After that, go to the front patio.

Emily is still knitting here. Talk to her, and ask her to sew the 
parachute for you. You'll give the silk sheets to took from the linen 
room earlier to her automatically. Give her the sewing needles you 
got from Rogers' room, and she'll comment that she needs stronger 
treads to proceed. And no, the goat harness and the tangle fishing net 
don't work! Come back to her later after you get the treads.

Go forward a little to see Blore and Lombard coming back from their 
search. Talk to them again to trigger a cut-scene. From the cut-scene, 
you'll learn that MacKenzie has passed on. 

Finally, end of chapter!