The Godfather Execution Styles Guide

- Cocktail Hour Execution -

Name:              Cocktail Hour Execution
Description:       Kill an enemy with a Molotov cocktail
Triggered:         No
Lethal:            Yes
Items Required:    Molotov Cocktail
Difficulty:        ***
Missions:          None specifically, though certain hit contracts will have 
                   this as a bonus condition
Strategy:          Very similar to the Bombs Away execution, this one requires 
                   you to kill a gangster by using a Molotov cocktail. As this 
                   weapon explodes on impact (it has no fuse), it is much 
                   easier than the aforementioned style. If you use Molotovs to 
                   assault a roadblock from a distance (when taking down a 
                   warehouse, hub, or compound), you will most likely get this 
                   award. The only difficulty in being granted this style comes 
                         1. Mastering the throwing arc
                         2. Not killing yourself in the process

                   As mentioned earlier, the execution only counts if you don't 
                   die in the process. Also, make sure you know where your 
                   Molotov will go, or else you won't be able to hit a thing. 
                   Consult black market dealers for extra Molotovs, and upgrade 
                   your street smarts skill to increase your carrying capacity.


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