Civilization IV Review

There’s a lot of gameplay packed into Civilization IV and there’s also a lot of variety to it. First of all you can really tweak the type of game you play by setting the initial world conditions. A large planet covered with oceans and dotted with islands plays a lot differently than a small world with a single continent, and there are nine levels of AI that will let you fine tune the challenge level. In addition the game comes with a number of historical scenarios that tweak the game rules to provide true play variants. If you wanted to, you can even create your own scenarios or game mods. All of the rules are contained in XML files and the game comes with built-in map and scenario editors. I expect that you’ll be able to find new scenarios and mods for the game on the internet for years to come.

So much for diplomacy.
All of this great gameplay comes wrapped up with a top notch presentation that makes the game a joy to play. In addition to the aforementioned detailed graphics, the game has some great music, event animations, and a stellar narrator in the form of one Leonard Nimoy. Somehow each new discovery feels so much more important when it is introduced by a classical quote read by Nimoy.

I really enjoy playing Civilization IV, and this is coming from a guy who was a bit disappointed with Civilization III. I say that so you don’t think that this game was handed a good score simply because of its series’ history. No, Civilization IV earned its rating and is indeed thoroughly enjoyable, thankfully losing the annoying aspects of Civilization III while adding some great new features. There is no reason why any fan of turn-based strategy games should not buy this game other than to avoid staying up too late at night playing it.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 95%.  The grandmaster series of strategy gaming spawns another game for the ages…


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