Age of Empires III Tips & Secrets

"Always, when the Spanish, choose Rondeleros as an attacking troop. They are as fast as cavalry, and attack swiftly, and they are very cheap! Also, keep your cavalry (preferably Hussars) at your village. These can move to the battlefront the fastest, and defend better than musketeers and crossbowmen.

If you fight in Texas, build trading posts on the Comanche villages. Their Horse Archers and upgrades are utterly unmatched if in large numbers. Have a great time playing the best game on the planet!"


"Upgrade the trading posts on the Travois path to "Stagecoach". You can get supplies instead of Xp points when upgraded." - Spanaird King

"Try to get a combination or imperial grenadiers and imperial musketeers as your raiding group. Send 25 of each so while your musketeers take care of killing the infantry or calvary your grenadiers can destroy buildings very easily.

P.S.- imperial grenadiers have a seige attack of 108! :)" - the boy

"When there are a lot of native settlements, get them because a native warrior takes up no population. It would give you a big advantage.

PS..:They only cost food and wood." - Billy Gate

"The russians are the best!!!!! First get alot of houses. Get 200 than build a lot of stretlets. They are the best in the game and have a ranged attack of 180, seige, 120, and hand, 100." - lebron james