Age of Empires III Walkthrough

3.0  Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I build a gate?

A: Easy.  Once you've built your walls, select the section of wall you want to 
transform into a gate, then click on the build gate icon on the lower-right 
corner of the screen.

Q: Any tips for online play?

A: Sure, several.

1) Watch replays of your games.  How did the enemy beat you?  He probably 
rushed.  How did he rush?  He probably managed his economy very well.  Look at 
how he distributed his villagers (to wood, to food, to gold), what he built, 
what he bought, and what ultimate goal he had in mind.  Study the best players
you encounter.

2) Don't collect resources you don't need.  Every resource you collect should 
be collected with an ultimate goal in mind.  For example, if you start in the 
Discovery Age, you will want to collect as much food as possible to advance to 
the Colonial Age.  If your villagers are collecting gold, but you're in dire 
need of wood, then you haven't managed your economy correctly. 

3) Don't buy anything you don't need.  For example, if you have only three men 
mining gold, getting the Placer Mines upgrade and beyond is a definite waste of

4) Understand how the game works.  What units counter what.  What each upgrade 

5) Do not spend card points as soon as you level up.  Save them up until level 
10 and beyond, when a whole slew of good cards become available.