Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3.8  Last Stand of the Boneguard

Primary Objectives:
-Bring Amelia to Havana's Town Center.
-Survive until the US Navy arrives.
-Destroy the Ossuary Shore Guns and Temple.

Secondary Objectives:
-Ally with the Carib Native Americans.  (2000 XP)
-Destroy the Circle's Navy.  (2000 XP)
-Advance to the Imperial Age.  (4000 XP)

You begin with three ships.  Only the Fluyt is loaded with units.  Unload the 
ship at the beach you are indicated to land at.

Head west, up a ramp.  Continue west, take the treasure, and shoot the treasure
guardians from the safety of your height if you wish.  Go northeast along the 
elevated ridge and kill the Boneguards there.  Attack the Boneguard units below
the ridge, too.  Return to the beach, go east, then go north into Havana.  Send
Amelia to Havana's Town Center, and the town will ally you and you will receive
a Covered Wagon.

Build a Town Center with the wagon.

Have your Settlers gather wood.  Build Settlers at your Center.  Rescue the 
Settlers scattered around the map.  Rapidly build Manor Houses, which spawn an
additional Settler when completed.  Send for Falconets with your cards.  Get 
your economy pumping, and try to advance to the next age as soon as possible.  
Do not use up gold and focus on food production.

While this is going on, large Boneguard forces will assault Havana.  Use your 
Falconets to fend them off; Havana cannot handle the Boneguard attackers by 

Advance to the Industrial Age as soon as possible, choosing the governor who 
gives you the Fort Wagon.

With your Fort Wagon, build a Fortress almost exactly south of the Havana Town 
Center and roughly equidistant from your base and the Boneguard base.  Group 
your artillery and Falconets around this Fortress.

By now the American navy should have arrived.  Use the Monitor's bombard 
ability to take out the northernmost Shore Gun.  Kill the Boneguard units on 
the west island with the Native Village and build a Trade Post there.

Build a Dock and construct Monitors and Frigates.

The Monitor's bombard ability has an extremely long range.  Use it to destroy 
the Shore Guns.  While the ability is recharging, have the Monitors bombard the

Once the Shore Guns are gone, bombard the Ossuary with the Monitor's bombard 
ability for the final win.