Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3.7  Last City of the Inca

Primary Objectives:
-Gather eight total artillery units into the flagged area before the three 
Incan Temples are destroyed.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Russian Town Center.  (700 XP)

Keep two goals in mind as you begin this map: advance to the Industrial Age as 
quickly as possible, and destroy the Russian (orange) town.  Work toward these 
two goals simultaneously.

To achieve the first goal, queue up lots of Settlers, build two or three Sheep 
Pens, send any captured Llamas to the pens, have a few Settlers hunt birds, 
etc.  With your first cards, send for Native American-related abilities such as
Native American Lore and Native American Treaties.  Get as much food as you 
can.  Do not to spend gold.

To achieve the second goal, rush Amelia across the map to where your first 
artillery piece comes shipped in and have her build a Trading Post there, and 
build anti-calvary Native American infantry there.

Build perhaps fifteen infantry units and use your artillery to destroy the 
Outpost and gate immediately north of your Trading Post.  Work your way through
the town, augmenting your attacking force with units from the Post and the 
artillery that spawns nearby.

Defend the southwest side of your base, which will be regularly attacked by 
waves of calvary and crossbowmen.  Protect the Incan Temple right next to the 
gate, but beware of the enemy Fortress nearby.

Once you get 2000 food and 1200 gold, advance to the Industrial Age.  Use your 
cards to get Mortars and a Factory.  Set your Factory to produce Heavy Cannons.

Once you have cleaned out the Russian town, unify your forces.  Send eight 
artillery units to the flagged area in your base to fulfill the Primary 

Now begin your assault on the Boneguard fortress at the southwestern corner of 
the map.  Let your Mortars clear out any defensive structures and walls while 
your Heavy Cannons and Falconets and your infantry hang back to protect them 
from enemies.  Creep toward your goal, the Boneguard Fort at the middle of 
their base.  Once you destroy it the map end.