Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3.5  Bolivar's Revolt

Primary Objectives:
-Help General Bolivar free the town to the north.
-Help General Bolivar free two more towns.
-Destroy the Spanish fort's Command Post.

Secondary Objectives:
-Free all four villages from the Spanish.  (1000 XP)

Follow the road north and let Bolivar's cannon destroy the Outpost.  The town 
will soon come under your control.  Quickly, with your first card send for the
most powerful ship you can, move the fishing boats near your Dock to the safety
of the south and have your settlers collect the gold and wood around your Town
Center and build a Frigate with the resources.  Soon, a Frigate and two 
Privateers will attack your base.  Do not engage the ships at first; your Town 
Center will bombard them for you.  When the ship you sent for arrives, group it
with the ship you start with (it is in the south) and take out the Privateers 
before hitting the Frigate.  The Frigate at the Dock should be complete by now 
and will aid you in repelling the enemy.  

Once the enemy ships are vanquished, build fishing vessels and attend to your 
economy.  Use a card to get a Falconet.  Your goal, economically, should be to 
advance to the Industrial Age so you can use better cards to summon artillery.

Once Bolivar begins assaulting, let him do the work.  Be wary of the two enemy 
Falconets; keep your Falconet out of their range until you are sure they are 
occupied.  A mass of enemies will also begin streaming from another town and 
will try to bypass your soldiers and make for your town, so be sure to make 
sure few soldiers get pass your assaulting force.  Do not be too aggressive in 
taking down the Outposts; if you do manage to destroy both Outposts during the 
battle, control of the village will shift to you -- bad, considering there's a 
battle raging in it.  You stand to lose a very valuable Mortar.

Once you take the new town, you will gain control of a few buildings and units,
the most being the Mortar and the Artillery Foundry.  Protect the Mortar as 
calvary will soon attack it.  Send your Falconet and some infantry back to your
base as soon as possible.  A lone enemy Falconet will begin bombarding it.  
Take it out with your Falconet and your troops.

Now that you have a Mortar, there is no reason to delay attacking the next 
town.  As usual, bombard the defensive structures of the town, letting your 
enemies come to you.  The town should fall easily.

Quickly group up the settlers working on the Mills and pull them back.  There
are two Fortified Outposts overlooking the town.  Destroy them with your 
Mortar.  Construct a Culverin; you will be going against more Falconets soon.

Advance to the Industrial Age if you have not already.  Summon more Mortars 
with a card.

Demolish the enemy base's east gate and any defenses with Mortars.  Destroy the
Fortified Outposts to the east of the gate to free a Stable.  You gain eight 
calvary units.  Set your Mortars right where the east gate was and hammer away
at the base.  Be sure to defend your artillery with plenty of rifle soldiers. 
Level the Command Post to win.