Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3.4  The Lost Spanish Gold

Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the three Outposts guarding the ruined treasure ships.
-Destroy Beaumont's Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build Trading Posts at the Native Villages. (500 XP)
-Bring Kanyenke to the revealed forest along the southeast edge of the map.  
(300 XP)

Build a Trading Post at the Native American village southeast of your base.  
Build settlers and have them mine wood and hunt for food.  Have one collect 
gold from the gold bag north of your town center.  Use your first card to get a

Once your Trading Post is complete, send Kanyenke southeast to where the 
Indians have directed you to obtain the fixed cannon.  Have it hammer the 
Outposts, the Trading Post, and the Fort, in that order.

Develop your economy, paying attention to wood and food.  Aim for a quick Age 
advancement.  Build an Outpost by the wrecked treasure ship closest to your 
base and mine it.  Build Sharktooths.  Cards such as Native American Warriors 
and Native American Treaties are extremely helpful for this map.

Crush the Outpost far southeast of your base with your Falconet and soldiers.
The fixed cannon cannot shoot that far.

With the way clear, send a villager or Amelia to build a Trading Post at the 
village near the southeast edge of the map.  Build an Outpost by your fixed 
cannon and have a handful of troops defend it.

Defend yourself for now from the occasional waves of enemies while you advance
to the next age.  You will need Mortars to tackle the enemy fort; Falconets 
have a range of 26, and so do Forts.  Focus on growing your economy.

Once you have your Mortars, attack any of Beaumont's Forts and clear out any 
remaining Outposts.  Attack his base with your artillery, and remember that 
guarding artillery is perhaps the most important function of your soldiers.  
Keep a lot of units in front of your artillery when you begin bombarding the 
Center.  The Town Center spawns a lot of troops, including calvary.  Destroy it
to win.