Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3.3  The Boneguard's Lair

Primary Objectives:
-Find Beaumont
-Drive Beaumont and his men out of the caves.

Send Amelia into the cave first and have her use her sniping ability to kill a
Boneguard.  Then engage the rest of the Boneguard with all your units.  Now
you gain control of Kanyenke.  He will be in an Indian village.  Explore the 
area with him to find two more Indian villages and another entrance to the 

Back to Amelia.  A bit further into the cave there is a stockade.  Destroy it
to gain a few Skirmishers.  Scout with Amelia once more, and once more kill
another Boneguard with her ability.  There will be more enemies this time, so 
keep Amelia and Major Cooper in front to soak up the attacks.  They cannot die
and they regain health quickly, unlike your regular units.  Use Amelia's 
ability as soon as it recharges.  Make it a habit to scout with Amelia and 
pick off any enemies with her ability.  Capture the food wagon and send it to
the small Indian village Kanyenke started in.  Five Cree Trackers join you.  
Have Kanyenke and the Cree Trackers join your main party, taking care not to 
travel through the second cave entrance, but the original entrance.

I will not mention any more enemies unless there is a significant number of

Continue a bit north to a weapons cache.  Destroy it.  A secondary objective to
destroy the caches will appear.  Head southeast.  There is another food wagon
and stockade with imprisoned dogs.  Liberate them and continue south, and send
the wagon to the village with the horses to get Nootka Clubmen.  Your party
should be near the second entrance Kanyenke discovered.  Head return up the 
branch you came from and head northeast into an unexplored branch.  Free some 
clubmen from a stockade and take the treasure.  Continue along this loop.  Have
your clubmen engage any calvary.  There will be another treasure, another wagon
and another weapons cache.

Head back to the second cave entrance, then head up the northeast branch.  Have
clubmen engage any calvary.  Capture the food wagon.

Send the wagon to the eastern village to obtain two Medicine Men.  Isolate your
injured units and heal them with one of your new Medicine Men.  It is important
to keep the number of units within the healing spell's radius down to a minimum
because the duration, and thus the amount of healing, of the spell depends only
on how many units are within the spell's area of effect.  The more units there
are, even if they are in perfect health, the shorter the spell lasts.  

Continue northeast and clear out the enemies.  There are treasures.  Go 
southeast and free another food wagon and some Skirmishers.  Destroy the weapon
cache.  Exit the caves and destroy the next cache.  Send this wagon and all 
other wagons to the village that supplies Cree Trackers.

Enter the new cave.  There is a wagon and a stockade holding three Musketeers.
Deeper in the cave, you will encounter the final group of enemies.  With your
army of Skirmishers, Cree Trackers and Musketeers, the battle should be easy.
Kill the wolves guarding the treasures and collect them to win the map.