Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.3  Act III

2.3.1  Race for the Rails

Primary Objectives:
-Build Trading Posts on all sites along the Trade Route.

Secondary Objectives:
-Ally with any Native Americans in the area. (200 XP each)

Immediately have your Railroad Workers construct a Trading Post at the open
site south of your base.  Make and send Skirmishers to the new Trading Post.
Explore the map with your explorers.  One Native American village is to
the southwest-west of your base.  Another Native American village is at the
southwest edge of the map.  Defend your newly acquired Trading Post with your
Railroad Workers (who, like the miners of the previous map, can lob dynamite)
and Skirmishers while you advance to the Fortress Age.  To advance quickly, set
your Trading Posts to collect either Food or Gold.  It may be helpful to build
an Outpost near your base to kill any marauding units.

Get Falconets as soon as possible and use them to push south along the road to
the third Trading Post site.  Build a Trading Post and an Outpost or two
nearby.  Advance to the northwest of the map and demolish the rival company's 
base for the experience points.  Set your Trading Posts to collect experience 
and advance to the Industrial Age.  Research Iron Horse at the Trading Post.  
Research Mercantilism at the Church.  Let the game sit for a while to collect 

Destroy the rival company's final Trading Post and build your own to win.