Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.7  Warwick's Stronghold

Some quick action will benefit you.  Immediately group your horse riders with
your heroes and ride to intercept the first supply wagon.  Group your other
units and attack-move to the supply wagon as well.  Have your explorers use 
their sniping abilities; have John Black shoot the lone Landschect soldier and
have Kanyenke shoot one of the calvary.  Send the wagon to your Town Center.  
Train soldiers at your barracks.  If you can manage it, send the lone Falconet
west to destroy the Outpost.

The second supply wagon will come from the lane left of your base soon after.
Send troops there and once again have your heroes use their sniping abilities.
Hopefully, the outpost is already wrecked, or nearly so.  Once you capture the
wagon, send it to your base.

A third wagon, tempting and full of coin, will appear at the top of the map.  
Ignore it.  Have settlers collect the resources that are now piled around your
Town Center.  Build more troops (I prefer skirmishers) and send for a Fort 
Wagon and two Mortars with your cards.

Build a Fort guarding your upper entrance.  Have Mortars take out the Outpost 
at the east lane.  Guard the west lane with ten or so Skirmishers.  Guard the 
east lane with ten or so Musketeers.  Collect resources.

When you are ready, collect thirty Skirmishers and Musketeers and drive north
up the central lane, clearing out buildings with Mortars.  Use the Falconet to
destroy any artillery.  Destroying the base to win.