Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.6  Respect

Primary Objectives:
-Earn 10,000 Experience before the Circle kills all five Chiefs.

Secondary Objectives:
-Bring the White Buffalo from Warwick's pen to the Lakota village.  (550 XP)
-Destroy Warwick's Trading Post on the Trade Route.  (550 XP)
-Claim the lost gold on Owl Island.  (650 XP)
-Find and return the Lakota chief's daughter to the Lakota village to the 
south.  (600 XP)
-Herd five wild horses to the Lakota tribe to the south.  (550 XP)
-Build a Trading Post at the Lakota village.  (400 XP)
-Destroy Warwick's Outpost on Barren Hill.  (500 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Acquire food by hunting buffalo.  Build a Market, and 
research the Hunting Dogs upgrade. Advance to the Fortress Age using your 
starting resources.  Concentrate on collecting food and gold.

The northeasternmost Lakota chief will be attacked first.  Ignore it, and 
ignore all future attacks on the chiefs.

To your northwest is a moon-shaped lake.  In the area of land cupped by the 
river is the Lakota chief's daughter.  Ignore the Trading Post nearby for now. 
Send her back to the Lakota village next to your base for 600 experience 
points.  There are also two horses you can collect.  Send them to the village, 

With your first cards, send for Falconets, a Fort Wagon, and either Skirmishers
or Musketeers.  When the Falconets arrive, send them, along with your force, to
the north.  Along the way are three horses.  Send them back to the village for 
a total of five horses, another objective completed, and 550 XP.  Destroy the 
Outpost that sits atop a dirt mound to fulfill another objective for 400 XP.  
The sacred mound sits next to a Lakota village.  In the area between the mound 
and the Lakota village, build a Fort as close to the road as possible.

As your Fort is building, a large group of enemies will appear.  Kill them.  
Among the group should be a Fort Wagon; be sure to kill it.

Once that is done, set your Fort to receive Home City shipments and send for 
more soldiers.  Once they arrive, head west, along the road, until you arrive 
at a pen guarded by soldiers.  Kill them, and the sacred White Buffalo will 
fall under your control.  Send it to the Lakota village for 550 XP.

Advance to the Industrial Age when you can.

Travel south along the road to reach the Trading Post guarded by a Falconet and
some Boneguard.  Kill them and destroy the post for 550 XP.  Build a Trading 
Post and set it to collect experience.

The only objective left is to claim the lost gold on Owl Island.  I do not know
how to get to it, so it will be left unfulfilled.

Even with most of the objectives fulfilled, a considerable experience shortfall
will remain.  Fill it in with the bodies of Warwick's men.  Either through 
sending with cards, or building, amass an army of perhaps 30 infantry and 4-6 
artillery units.  Attack Warwick's base, located at the northern end of the 
map.  As usual, surround the artillery pieces with men, and let the artillery 
pound away at Warwick's base.  Waves of enemies will rush out.  Kill them, then
level Warwick's base.