Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.5  The Great Lakes

Primary Objectives:
-Advance to the Fortress Age and build an Artillery Foundry.
-Destroy the three Boneguard outposts before Warwick's navy reaches Lake Erie.
-Destroy Warwick's navy and his Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Avoid losing any of Washington's fleet.  (300 EXP)

Your goal is to advance to the Fortress Age.  Ignore the Mill and have your 
Settlers hunt deer.  Build a Market and research the Hunting Dogs upgrade.  
Continually build more Settlers and make them hunt.  Explore the map with John 
Black, Kanyenke and Nonahkee and collect any treasures; ignore the Outposts as 
they cannot kill you.  Refrain from using any Cards, and do not waste your wood
on a Barracks.

You will find that food will accumulate very quickly.  When you are nearing 900
food, move around ten Settlers to the nearest mine.  Research the Placer Mines 
upgrade at the Market.  When you save up 1200 food and 1000 gold, advance to 
the Fortress Age.

Once the Fortress Age upgrade finishes, send for Falconets and the Fort Wagon 
with your cards and build an Artillery Foundry.  Send for some Skirmishers or 

Continue to focus on food and gold.  Your next goal is to accumulate 2000 food 
and 1200 gold.  Do not build any units besides Settlers.

Destroy the Outpost to the northnorthwest of your base with the Falconets.  
Build a Fort at the northwesternmost edge of the island.  Then destroy the 
Outpost to the northeast of your base.  Two ships will come under your control.

Load up your Falconets and soldiers into a ship and head to the Outpost to the 
far northwest, across the lake.  Destroy it, then return to your base.  A new 
objective will appear: Destroy Warwick's navy and his Town Center.  Three 
Imperial Frigates will arrive and come under your control.

By now, you should have 2000 wood and 1200 gold.  Advance to the Industrial 
Age.  When the upgrade finishes, two Monitors will arrive and reinforce your 

With three Imperial Frigates and two Monitors, you have a large enough navy to 
win the map.  However, if you wish to, destroy the enemy base north of your 
base, but doing so will not confer much of a tactical advantage.

To decimate Warwick's navy with no loss to your own, you must make use of all 
your ships' abilities.  First, use the Monitor's Long-range Bombardment Attack 
on the enemy's Town Center.  While it recharges, send one Frigate out at a time
and use its Broadside Attack ability on an enemy ship before retreating.  
Repeat the process with the other Frigates.  When the Monitors' attack 
abilities recharge, use them again on the Town Center.  Continue this pattern. 
Once the Town Center and Warwick's navy are destroyed, the map ends.