Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.4  The Seven Years' War

Primary Objectives:
-Help destroy the British on your side of the river.
-Find and destroy the British Fort Command building.

Secondary Objectives:
-Find and control the only Trade Route.  (300 XP)

The map starts with the British attacking a French colony.  As soon as you gain
control of your units, attack the lone British Falconet with your Uhlans and 
let your infantry handle the rest.  Use your heroes' special abilities.  Once 
that force is gone, destroy another enemy force to your north.

When French colony comes under your control, you should have one free card; 
send for a Fort Wagon, and build a Fort overlooking the path that crosses the 
river.  Get your economy moving by moving all your Coureur's from the mine and 
onto the Mill; they have a faster collection rate. (Sadly, there are no animals
to hunt).  Build Settlers and collect resources with the goal of amassing 2000 
food and 1200 gold to advance to the Industrial Age.  Collect the Treasures 
scattered around your side of the river.

With your next few cards, send for Skirmishers, then all the Falconets and 
artillery you can, and more Skirmishers and Musketeers.  Save leftover cards.  
When you have 20-30 soldiers and a few Falconets, cross the southern path of 
the river to the other side.  Destroy the two Outposts guarding their side of 
the river, and wreck the poorly-defended base south of the fort.  

Do not neglect your economy.  Once you save 2000 food and 1200 gold, advance to
the Industrial Age.  Once it happens, use cards to send for Mortars and more 
soldiers to reinforce your troops.

Break through the fort wall and demolish the buildings.  The final target is 
the red-roofed building.  Destroy it to win.