Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.3  The Rescue

Primary Objectives:
-Train an army and attack the British from the south side.

Secondary Objectives:
-Ally with any other Iroquois in the area.  (200 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Have your Settlers cut wood and hunt.  The sole food 
source for the entire map should be hunting, so research Hunting Dogs at the 

At the northern Iroquois village, keep your native units near the sole Outpost.
When they are attacked, use Nonahkee's healing ability.  It is powerful and 
quick to recover.

With your first card, send for five Musketeers.  You have two goals: Protect 
Nonahkee's group and advance to the Fortress Age.  Nonahkee will be regularly 
attacked by large groups of British soldiers; whenever this happens, attack the
British base and Nonahkee's attackers will return to their base.  Whenever the 
Outposts are targeting a non-hero unit, move that unit out of the Outposts' 
range.  Use Kanyenke's special ability to pick off enemies in the fort.  
Continually harassing the British base will prevent them from attacking 
Nonahkee.  You do not need many units besides your Jaegers.  If you wish to 
fulfill the Secondary Objective, the two Trading Post sites are near the 
western and eastern edges of the map.
Once you reach the Fortress Age, send for Falconets.  Use the Falconets to 
destroy the town.