Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2.2  Strange Alliances

Primary Objectives:
-Destroy the Cherokee War Huts.
-Bring John and Kanyenke to the main Cherokee village to negotiate a peace.
-Establish a new colony and defeat the British.

Secondary Objectives:
-Rescue all Settlers captured by the British.  (500 XP)

Gather the soldiers and send them to the Cherokee War Hut southwest of the 
base.  Pick off the Cherokee guarding the hut with Kanyenke's and John Black's 
special attacks.  Attack the War Hut.  Some units will spawn.  Kill them, 
making sure either John Black or Kanyenke are taking the enemy fire.  They are 
hardy units with rapid regeneration, while your regular soldiers are frail in 
comparison.  Once the hut is gone, head to the second hut and kill the horsemen
guarding it.  Repeat the procedure used on the first hut.

Explore the map and take any Treasures at your leisure.

Travel to the main Cherokee village when you are directed to do so.  Four 
British Redcoats will ambush you.

You will be given a Covered Wagon.  Build a Town Center with it and construct a
base.  Your first food should be had through hunting.  Upgrade the very cheap 
Hunting Dogs upgrade at the Market to facilitate hunting.  Focus on food and 
gold collection.  Your short-term goal is to save 1200 food and 1000 gold to 
advance to the Fortress Age.  Choose the Mohawk Statesman governor.  Use your 
cards to summon soldiers.

To the northeast of your base is a Treasure guarded by five or so wolves that 
boosts your hero's hitpoints by 30%.  Well worth it.

At the Fortress Age, send for Falconets.  If you cannot send for around three, 
build them.  With three Falconets and maybe 25 or more soldiers, head east, 
then approach the now-British base from the south.  If you encounter a Fort, 
avoid it at all costs.  Free any Settlers.  When you begin assaulting the base,
the biggest battle of the map will ensue and many Longbowmen and Redcoats will 
attack your army.  But three Falconets should hand you a decisive victory.  
Work through the British base.

While your army is demolishing the British base, collect the resources to 
advance to the Industrial Age (2000 food and 1200 gold).  At the Industrial 
Age, use cards to send for Mortars (or build them) and soldiers.  Destroy the 
British Fort, located between your base and the British base.

Clean up any remaining buildings to win.