Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.2  Act II

2.2.1  Defend the Colony

Primary Objectives:
-Defend your Town Center for 15 minutes.

Secondary Objectives:
-Stop the Cherokee attackers from destroying the village to the southwest.  
-Escort the refugees back to the colony.  (300 XP each)

The map starts with Cherokee Indians attacking your base.  Set your Heavy 
Cannon to bombard mode and use John Black's and Kanyenke's special attacks.

Once the Indians are dead, immediately send the soldiers and the Heavy Cannon 
directly west of your base, to two Silver Mines.  At your base build Settlers, 
research the wood- and gold-gathering upgrades at the Market, build a Stable, 
and send for a Falconet with your first card.

Very soon, a large Cherokee force will assault the colony to the west.  Engage 
them with your units, especially your artillery.  Once the colony is saved, 
immediately send the army back to the base, as it will be attacked soon.  Set 
the villagers you have just saved to collect resources you need.  

There will be a lull in the attacks, so manage the economy, and use Morgan 
Black and Kanyenke to recover the scattered Treasures.  Build some Uhlans at 
the Stable (build one if you have not).  Use the Uhlans for the cannons the 
enemy later brings.

Eventually, some villagers will run from the southeast, with Cherokee calvary 
harrying them.  Save them.  They become Musketmen upon arriving at your base.

Waves of Cherokee will constantly attack your base, and more groups of
villagers will run to your base and become soldiers.  Keep cannons and soldiers
outside the base and engage any enemies.  By keeping them out in the field, 
your ability to intercept harrying Cherokee calvary and save refugees will be 
greatly improved.  The enemy will also bring in some Heavy Cannons.  Kill them 
with your Uhlans or bombard them with your own cannons.

Once 15 minutes pass, reinforcements arrive and you win.