Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.7  Spanish Treasure Fleet

Primary Objectives:
-Place a Town Center to establish your base.
-Capture six total Treasure ships.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy any Spanish Forts.  (300 XP each)
-Kill Delgado.  (1000 XP)

The level starts with a naval battle.  Focus fire on one enemy ship at a time, 
using your ships' Broadside Attack.  When one of your ships is close to dying 
or taking concentrated fire, move it out of the battle and then let to return 
to the fray once the enemy ships have targeted a new ship.

Once that is done, unload your ships at the beach nearby.  Build a Town Center.
Destroy the nearby enemy Outpost with your Mortar to gain control of a Treasure
ship.  Destroy the nearby Stockade to gain control of some Incan Huamincas.

When your Town Center is complete, do not build Settlers.  Instead, have your 
Settlers collect the starting resources then hunt a nearby animal for food.  
Advance to the Fortress Age.

Build a Barracks and soldiers.

Send some soldiers and a Mortar to the elevated ridge north of your first 
Treasure ship.  Bombard and destroy the Outpost guarding another Treasure ship.
To the northeast is another Stockade; destroy it to free some Incan Bola 
Throwers who reveal the location of all the other Treasure ships.

Get artillery units with your cards.

Since gold will be abundant, build Bucaneers at your flagship.

Another Treasure ship to the west is now exposed.  Unfortunately, it is guarded
by a Fort.  To take this ship, add more soldiers and some Falconets to your 
force.  Bombard the Fort with Mortars; a massive army may arrive.  Kill them 
and take the Treasure ship.

Meanwhile, you should be paying attention to your town, building up a steady 
stream of food and wood (especially wood).

Now, gather most of your soldiers and artillery units east of the enemy town. 
Bombard some buildings and wait for the enemies to rush out and defend their 
base.  As you destroy more of the town, Delgado will come out.  Kill him.

Destroy the Outposts guarding the Treasure ships to win.

But before you do that, you may want to research Mercantilism and destroy the 
fort south of the enemy base for experience.