Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.6  A Pirate's Help

Primary Objectives:
-Gain 8.000 Experience before Lizzie sails to Florida.  (500 XP)
-Bring Morgan to Lizzie before she sets sail.

Secondary Objectives:
-Stop the raiding Native Americans from attacking the settlers of Havana.  
(350 XP)
-Build the first Stable in Havana.  (500 XP)
-Reopen trade with the rest of Cuba by building a second Trading Post. (850 XP)
-Take Lizzie's Native American friend to his family on the nearby Island.  
(1000 XP)
-Find and gather the stolen gold.  (900 XP)
-Return the lost herd to Havana's Livestock Pen.  (350 XP)
-Retrieve stolen artifact. (1500 XP)

The moment the map starts, rush your soldiers west and kill the natives 
attacking the Settlers.  (Use Morgan's Oberhau attack to speed up the process.
His Oberhau attack will be critical to wiping out the big groups of enemy with 
little loss to your forces.)  Once they are slain, you gain control of Havana.

To boost your economy in the fastest manner possible, do the following:

1.  Build Settlers at the Town Center.

2.  Research the Hunting Dogs, Placer Mines and Gangsaw upgrade at the Market.

3.  Have half the Settlers working on the Mills hunt the numerous turkeys and 
cut wood.  (Hunting is faster.)

4.  Build three sheep at the Livestock Pen.  Research the upgrade there.

5.  Never let your Settlers idle.

6.  Bankrupt yourself building Hussars and Crossbowmen.

Ignore the Mills.  Do not upgrade them.  When your sheep fatten up, have around
five Settlers harvest their meat.  Do not forget to build more sheep, but 
remember that only 10 sheep can fatten up at the Pen at the same time.

Build a Stables and many Hussars.  Build Crossbowmen.  Constantly do this.

When you have a decent sized army (20+ units), head south along the road and 
kill the natives guarding the Trading Post site.  Bring some Settlers along.  
Build a Trading Post, then head west into a village.  Kill the Natives there 
and leave your Settlers there to collect the gold bags.

By now Lizzie should have asked you to send escort her Native American friend 
to his family.  With the soldiers at Havana, escort the native boy to your main
army.  If you do not have Hussars, building them will be helpful for a later 

There are many natives on the beach where the canoe is waiting.  Make good use 
of Morgan's Oberhau attack.

Before loading up your troops and the native boy into the canoe, go south and 
take control of the cows grazing there.  Send the cows to the Livestock Pen 
(you do not need to escort them) for some experience.

Load your best troops, Morgan and the boy into the canoe.  Unload them on the 
eastern island.  A few natives will be waiting; kill them.  Go to the village 
to gain 1000 experience, a new objective to recover an artifact, and many 
Seminole Sharktooth warriors.

The artifact is on the southeastern end of the island and is guarded by pirates
and two cannons.  A full canoe of shipped in soldiers (your original landing 
force) and the Sharktooth warriors you are given should be more than adequate 
for a skilled player.  If you are not sure, ship in more soldiers.

Have your Hussars go after the cannons while your infantry units handle the 
pirates.  Retrieving the artifact should give your enough experience to fulfill
the 8000 experience point requirement.

If you have ample time left before Lizzie sets sail, build tons of buildings 
and units to gain even more experience.  Rove around the map looking for more 
natives to kill.  Fulfill any leftover Secondary Objectives, if you have any.

To win, take Morgan to Lizzie.