Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.5  Temples of the Aztec

Primary Objectives:
-Build a Trading Post at the Aztec village.
-Build a Town Center.
-At least one Aztec Temple must remain standing.
-Find and Destroy the Spanish Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Save more than one Temple.
-Rescue more Aztec prisoners.  (300 XP)

Kill the soldiers to the southeast of your starting location; you gain control 
of some native units.  Go northeast to the Trading Post site and build a Post.

While Morgan is constructing the Post, immediately send the rest of your 
soldiers northwest, past a Treasure guarded by two jaguars and kill the 
soldiers there to free more native soldiers.  Then head north and kill a few 
more soldiers and free more natives.  Try to preserve your Hussars.

When Morgan finishes the Post, a ship will arrive and unload a Town Center 
Wagon.  Build a Town Center.

Enemies from the north will attack your base.  Kill them with your soldiers.

Resist the urge to advance an age (you certainly have enough resources) and 
begin improving your economy (ignore gold and get as much food and wood as 
possible; don't build too may Settlers), but focus on building a strong 
standing army.  Crank out native soldiers at your post, build a Barracks to 
build Crossbowmen, and build a Stable and build a few calvary units.  Any cards
dealing with Natives is useful.

Build two sizable forces: one to keep by the isolated northwestern temple, and 
a larger one to keep between the temples in the east.  Keep your calvary near 
the middle of the map and use them to kill the occasional cannons that appear.  
Build Outposts by the temples.

The largest source of enemies will be the base north of the eastern temples.  
There is one path leading out of the base that splits into two.  Make it a 
priority to block both paths with Outposts and soldiers.  Do not get too near 
as there is a yet untouchable Outpost guarding the gate to the base.

There are more Aztec prisoners to the east.  Save them during the lulls between

When 15 minutes pass, a large Aztec army will arrive.  Now that you are not 
pressed to defend the Temples, advance to the Fortress Age and build Mortars.  
Bombard the gate blocking the way to the base.  Be sure to guard the Mortars as
a large calvary force rides out to defend the base.

Work your way through the base as usual to win.