Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.4  The Ottoman Fort

Primary Objectives:
-Build a Town Center.
-Go to the Home City and send a Shipment.
-Find and ally with at least two local Natives.
-Find and destroy the Ottoman Command Post and Town Center.

Secondary Objectives:
-Destroy the Ottoman Fishing Dock.  (500 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Have Morgan build a Trading Post at the site nearby.  
Your immediate goal is to advance to the Colonial Age, which requires 800 food.
Do not build any Settlers; have the Settlers you already have hunt animals.

Soon you will be able to send Shipments from your Home City to your Town 
Center.  Once you are notified of the ability to do so, click on the large flag
icon in the lower left region of the screen and send for 300 food.

On the elevated region immediately east of your base is a Treasure worth 40 
food.  Take it with Morgan.

Choose the food-giving governor when you purchase the Age advancement.  Now act
with the goal of quickly advancing to the Fortress Age.  Do the following:

1. Order most of your Settlers to cut wood.  A few can mine gold.

2. Build a Dock.  Build fishing boats to harvest food from fish and gold from 
the whale until you have seven or eight boats.  (Only build one boat at a time
to keep the wood free for other purposes.)

2. Build a Trading Post at the site northwest of your base.  Each Trading Post 
spawns a few native soldiers when completed; augment their numbers by building 
a few native soldiers at the Trading Posts.

3. Build an Outpost by the first Trading Post and keep your soldiers near it.

4. When Cards become available, use them immediately and put the food or 
Settlers to use.

5. Do not build Barracks or a Stable.  You do not need them as you have the 
Trading Posts.

6. Destroy the ships guarding the Dock with your flagship.  If you use the 
ship's bombard attack and take care to fight only one enemy ship at a time, you
should be successful; if you want to be safe, choose the Fortress Age governor 
who gives you an additional ship and then attack with the two ships (building 
one at the Dock is a waste of resources).

You will be attacked by calvary, Aztec soldiers and Janissaries -- not many of 
them, mind you, so don't go overboard with defense yet.

After achieving the Colonial Age, focus on getting enough food and gold to 
advance to the Fortress Age (choose either governor).  Expand your army with 
Natives and their upgrades (I prefer to upgrade and mostly build Carib units).

Save a Card for the Fortress Age and send for a Falconet as soon as possible.  
Build an Artillery Foundry and build two Mortars.

Once you have your artillery, advance southeast, destroy the enemy Outpost and 
Trading Post then head northeast.  There are two Fortress Outposts.  Level them
with the Mortars.  As always, guard your artillery.

Level the Command Post and Town Center to win.