Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.3  PIRATES!

Primary Objectives:
-Build a Town Center.
-Build a Barracks and a Dock.
-Find and collect three Navigation Charts.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build a second Town Center.  (200 XP)

Build a Town Center.  Advance to the Fortress Age as soon as possible.  Do not 
build or research anything that requires food or gold, with the exception of 
Settlers; after your Settlers have collected all the packaged resources, have 
some hunt and have some mine.  Build a Market.

Your current goal is to build a fleet of Galleons.

A few natives will attack your base from the northwest, so keep your soldiers 

Choose The Admiral of the Ocean Sea governor when researching the next Age.  
Build a Barracks and a Dock.  Do lots of mining and woodcutting, and research 
the appropriate upgrades.

While the Age advancement is researching, send your soldiers and a few Settlers
to the southwest peninsula of the island and wipe out the pirates guarding the
resource stash and Silver Mine there.  Collect the resources with your 
Settlers.  Build two Outposts overlooking the sea there.  Build another Outpost
at the southernmost edge of the island, too.  Research the Frontier Outpost 
upgrade.  Now you control the sea lanes.

Devote your resources to Galleons and ship upgrades.

Build some soldiers to defend your base.  Load up one of your ships with 
soldiers and Settlers and head to the island southeast of yours.  Kill the 
enemies and collect the Treasures for one Navigation Chart, a Town Center Wagon
and some food.  Build a Town Center there and collect wood and gold from the 

Transport your units to the island on the southeastern edge of the map.  
Support your land expedition with bombardment from your ships.  Collect the 
Treasures on this island.

Now, focus your fire on the enemy settlement northwest of this island.  Destroy
the lone house and the walls will drop.  Kill the enemies, land your force, and
collect the second Navigation Chart.

Begin building the final assault force.  Construct many Crossbowmen, Pikemen, 
and several Mortars.  To speed up the process, use your Galleons to build them.

Land (or build) your force on the southeast side of the main enemy island.  
Advance to their base.  Maybe twenty units will oppose you.  Destroy them and 
destroy as much of the enemy's base as you can with your Mortars.  With the 
enemy's resistance crushed, send some soldiers and Morgan to the Navigation 
Chart at the center of the base, kill the Treasure Guardian, and claim the 
chart, the final piece of information you need to explore the new world.