Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.1.2  Into the Caves

Primary Objectives:
-Defend the base from the Ottoman attack.
-Destroy all the Ottoman Weapons Caches.

Secondary Objectives:
-Build an Artillery Foundry and train at least 10 Hoop Throwers.  (500 XP)
-Find a shipwreck and gather any supplies near it.  (300 XP)
-Find all the Treasures.  (300 XP)

Your base is under attack.  Immediately send forth heroes Alain and Morgan to 
the thick of the fight and move your Great Bombard up and initiate its bombard
mode.  Use Morgan's Oberhau Attack on the largest groups of enemies and bombard
the weakened units with the cannon.

With the attack repelled, build Settlers.  Do not waste your gold or wood -- 
build two Galleons as soon as possible.

Load the Galleons with Morgan and three or more Settlers and travel a short 
distance east of your Dock to a small island with a lone Treasure Guardian and
many supplies on it.  Kill the Guardian with your Galleons and harvest all the 
supplies on the island with your Settlers. Your Galleons have paid for 
themselves.  Invest in another Galleon.

Your base will be attacked by waves of enemies, so be sure to build 
Crossbowmen.  With your Great Bombard, they should be no problem.

Once the small island has been stripped of its resources, reload your Settlers 
and Morgan into a Galleon and send the ships northeast.  Destroy the three 
Galleys guarding the Dock and Mosque, making sure to keep the Galleon with 
Morgan and the Settlers safe.  With the ships gone, there are no enemies to 
prevent you from unloading your Settlers and collecting all the resources 
strewn around the Mosque.  There is a cave entrance north of this small beach,
but ignore it for now as it leads to many enemies.

Your economy is now supercharged.  Build two forces: One, comprised of many 
(20-30 should be adequate) Crossbowmen, with your Galleons on the beach where 
the Mosque was, and another at your base, comprised of a few Mortars, the Great
Bombard and 25-30 Crossbowmen.

Achieve the Secondary Objectives for experience, if you wish.

Attack the enemy's base with your original force.  Bombard the buildings and 
keep your units close to your artillery and let the enemy soldiers come to you.
Destroying any Stockades will give you Swedish Pikemen.  Once the enemy's base
is destroyed, head to the main cave entrance.  Split off a smaller force and 
your Mortars and destroy the first Weapons Cache north of your base (if you 
have not done so).

Once you have enough Crossbowmen at the beach (this is your second force), send
them into the cave entrance north and kill the Janissaries there.

Clear the cave of the Weapons Caches in a pincer movement, your two forces 
working through the cave from both ends.