Age of Empires III Walkthrough

2.0  Campaign
2.1  Act I

2.1.1  Breakout

Primary Objectives:
-Defend the Fort Command Post.
-Use Settlers to gather the wood on the hill to light the signal fire.

Secondary Objectives:
-Collect all the Treasures on the map.  (300 XP)

Collect the Crossbowmen into a group and keep them behind the gate.  Research 
the Crossbowmen upgrade.  Double-left click one Barracks to select them all; 
construct as many Crossbowmen as your resources allow, and continue to do so 
for the rest of the level.  Building Pikemen is a waste of resources.  Keep the
Crossbowmen behind the walls.

Use Morgan Black, your hero unit, to soak up damage and use his Oberhau Attack
to damage big groups of enemies.  He cannot die; he revives as long as a unit 
of yours is next to his body.

Once his life is depleted, have him collect Treasures, denoted by white X's on
the minimap.  Hold the Shift key and right click the first Treasure, then the 
second, and so forth, and release the Shift key.  Morgan will collect the 
Treasures without your supervision.

When you are told Great Bombards are arriving, send five or more Settlers (who 
are working in the town north of the fort) to the northwest edge of the map, to
a hill with a wooden pyre.  When the appropriate game trigger occurs, they will
automatically collect the wood that spawns around the pyre and light the signal
fire before any enemy units can reach them.

Keep your Crossbowmen out of the Great Bombards' attack range.

Once the signal fire is lit, 20 or so Imperial Hussars come under your control.
Destroy the cannons to win.