Ragnarok War of Emperium Guide and Tips

The Advance class in work
The update of the advance reborn class has make WOE a more fun event to play
especialy the champions, they can cast asura strike with just a few skills.
Stalkers also can strip enermy's equipment with one skill. Here is the list of
the advance class and what they should do.

Lord knights
Amount needed: More than 10, max 20.

Types: Spear lancer(any amount), AGI two hand(1 is enough), Dual(1 is enough),
VIT tankers(5-8), Bersek emperium breakers(1-5), AGI ctrical(1 is enough)

Postion standing: At the front of the gate if you are defending at the gate and
at the entrance of the emperium if you are defending at the room. AGI types
stand beside the emperium, tankers can stand at the front. The emperium
breakers can solo castles but when defending, you have to on your bersek while
standing beside the emperium.

Amount needed: Max amount 15 is enough.

Types: Devotion(amount is needed when slotting your members into party, make
sure each party has at least one devotion paladin), Sheld(5-8), Tankers(5-8),
AGI spear(1, also can break emperium)

Position standing: The devotion paladins must stand together with their party
members at all times and on your sacrifice skill when enermy gets closer. Sheld
types and tankers can stand at the front with the metee fighters. AGI spear
types beside the emperium, you can go and break castles if you want but be very
careful. Those who have gospel can on gospel near the emperium or with your
party members, do not spawn gospel anywhere.

Gospel: On gospel when you are striped or when you are near your party, for
those AGI paladins who have gospel, spawn it whenever the emperium is heavily

Amount needed: Max amount 10

Types: Any types, just not more than 10.

Postion standing: At the back of the metee fighters at the emperium room, whole
defending at the gate, also stand at the back. Remember to spawn traps too, and
on your detect whenever you see assasin cross hiding.

Traps: Set traps at the back of the metee fighters incase any tankers or
emperium breakers escape. Spawn alot of ankle snares follow by any traps you
want, it is comfirmed that the traps do work.

Extra note: when you need them, always keep a pair and always slot them into

Amount needed: Any amount as long as they are in a pair.

Types: Any types as long as they are in a pair.

Postion standing: Those with poem stand with the high wizards, those with
arrows stand with the snipers, those with apple stand near the emperium while
those with arrow vulcans with the snipers.

Apple of idun: Use this skill when the emperium is under attack to heal the
emperium together with sanctuary and gospel.

Loki's well: Use this combo skill only when there are enermies.

Scream and froze joker: Use this skills when there are enermies, you may even
stun your own guild mates but at low chance.
High wizards
Amount needed: Not more than 10 as lonf as they can cast different area spells.

Types: Any types as long as have area spells(not more than 10)

Postion standing: Some at water pits if the castle has water pits at the
emperium room. Those with no water pits can stand at anywhere as long as you
can spawn spells at the entrance. Always on sight at all times, those with
safty wall can cast around your party members and yourself.

Spawning of spells: Don't care whatever stom gust, meteor stom, lord of
vermilion or heaven drive, just spawn whatever you got. Heaven drive may be
small but it can also be deadly. All four area spells muct combine so that the
enermies will recieve different element status.

Amount needed: Not more than 5

Types: Element type with no deluge and land protect(1), Element type with
duluge and land protect(as many as you want), Battle types(1 or optional),
other types(any amount)

Postion standing: Near the high wizards or beside your party, spawn deluge
whenever you can so that water can be used. Those with heaven drives must also
help to spawn with the wizards, tunder stoms can also be used. Spawn land
protect whenever there are enermy high wizards. In your sight at all times. Use
froze driver, fire wall and spiderweb when danger rise.

Froze driver: You ae the only one who can use froze driver as the high wizards
are busy with their spawing jobs, use this skill whenever there are enermies
who escape from the defense of the metee fighters.

Fire wall: A total of three fire walls can be cast, so just spawn it at the
entrance or at the gate when there is no enermy or there is enermy, block them
from coming in.

Spiderweb: Spawn this webs with the traps, it is best to trap the enermies who
escape so that the snipers can handle them.

Assasin cross
Amount needed: Max amount 8

Types: Emperium breaker(any amount), Soul breakers(not more than 5), Others(any

Postion standing: Near the emperium, spawn venon dust around the emperium. Soul
breakers can stand at the front with the metee fighters and spawn venon dust to
posion the enermies. Emperium breakers must cloak into enermy castle to break
the emperium.

Note to emperium breakers: When you the time, it is best to go to any castle
you want to memerize the structrue and the maze in order to break the castle.

Venon dust: Spawn venon dust at the entrance or at the emperium to posion the
enermy emperium breakers.

Amount needed: Not more than 5

Types: Stripers(max amount 5), AGI dagger(1), Bow(1-2)

Postion standing: Stripers stand at the front to strip the enermies equipments
off, the bow types with the snipers and the AGI dagger at near the emperium.

Copied skills: If you have copy a stom gust or any area skill, cast it
whereever you are at the entrance.

Full strip: Use only full strip, you don't have the time for so many strips.

Sword reject: Don't use this skill, it is useless, since only for sword and
dagger types, how many class are using it. It is not worth it. Those with
sacrifice still can kill you.

Note to bow types: If you have full strip skill, use it whenever there are
escaped enermies and take off their equipments, you may have to switch weapons.

High priests
Amount needed: Amount is decided when you slot your members into party.

Types: Turn undead and magnus(1 as long as they have surport skills and safty
wall), VIT tankers(any amount), party surport(acording to party), Battle
types(1 or optional)

Postion standing: Always stand at the emperium or near your party members,
Those battle types can spawn magun break. Those turn undead and magnus types
must stand near the emperium to spawn safty wall. Tankers can stand infront or
near party members. On runwatch all the time.

Note to tankers: Always use a ghostring amour, use your asumption skill and AGI
up with bless, use your kyrle skill also. You can survife asura with the above
skill and equipment used.

Safty wall: Those turn undead and magnus types should have this skill, this
skil can be cast around the emperium to prevent from touching the emperium even
one single damage.

Santuary: Use this skill whenever the emperium is undead attack, leave the
emperium breakers to the champions so don't worry about the heal amount the
breaker recieve.

Warp portal: Always use warp portals to go to castles, it is the most fastest
way even when your castle is beside the city. Before the WOE starts, go to
every castle and save the warp point but you can use teleport to return to save

Asperio: When an emperium breaker attacks the emperium, use asperio to the
breaker so that the weapon becomes holy and he cannot hit anymore.

Note to champions: All champions must have the skill asura strike even for the
AGI combo monk.

Amount needed: Any amount not more than 15

Types: DEX asura(any amount the more the better), AGI combo(1), VIT tankers(1-5)

Postion standing: Near the emperium, tankers infront or near the emperium, AGI
combo monks must use the chain crush combo to lunch asura strike. Kill any
emperium breakers with asura strike and on your runwatch.

Note to AGI combo champions: Triple blows>>>quadraple blows>>>the way of
dragon>>>chain crush combo>>>asura strike. Always use the combo above to lunch
asura strike, it is the best combo skill agasint the emperium breakers.

Note to all champions: No matter you are what types, always bring alot of blue
potions or royal jellys.

Note to mastersmiths: All mastersmith must have the skill meltdown and

Amount needed: Max amount 10, the more the better.

Types: Tankers(1-5), AGI battle(1), other types(any amount)

Postion standing: Stand at the front with the metee fighters, AGI types stand
near the emperium with your meltdown ready to melt any emperium breaker's
weapons and amour. Tankers at the front.

Melting of equipments: You must always use this skill, some enermies may be
wearing ghostring card amour or golden bug sheld, sometimes orc lord amour or
maya sheld.

Repair weapons: Help your members to repair the broken weapons whenever you can.

Hammerfall: Spawn hammerfalls whenever there are enermies.
Note to biochemists: You must have the skill demonstration, and other potion
skills. Potion pitcher are excluded, most important is the full chemical

Amount needed: AGI battle(1), VIT tankers(max amount 5), others(any amount),
potion makers(Optional you will need it if the biochemist in your guild needs
the potions)

Potion standing: At the front with the metee fighters same for the tankers, AGI
types near the emperium while spawning potion skill like demonstration and acid
terror. Summon a few floras and marine sphere too, it helps alot.

Demonstration: This skill breaks the enermy's equipment by chance, this is a
add on skill to the mastersmith's meltdown. Spawn as many as you can at the

Note: Never invite any supernovice unless your guild is very strong.

Amount needed: Optional

Types: Casting type(1), AGI type(1)

Postion standing: casting types may join the wizards while the AGI types may
stand near the emperium.

Note: Those who have fire wall may spawn them, those who have surport skills
may use them.

The Castles