Neverwinter Nights 2 Walkthrough

Part Three

You have a ceremonial sword in your hands so equip your normal weapon, defeat 
the enemies and follow Nevalle to the guard room. You need to use an 
underground tunnel to reach the throne room as the castle is locked off. Take 
the first right turn outside the guard room and use the tapestry at the end. 
The shadow priests use death magic so if you don't have immunity, use the 
ceremonial sword, which does. Neverneath is a series of statues who ask 
questions, if you answer correctly you get some XP and a door opens allowing 
you to move on, otherwise a different door opens which leads to the same place 
but you have to fight some creatures first. The answers, in order, are: nine, 
black lake, the tomb of the betrayers, neverwinter river, say nothing 
and three. Then kill the swords of Never and grab the rod from Halueth Never's 
tomb in order to proceed. 

After saving Nasher, he asks you to form alliances to help defend Crossroad 
Keep. The four possible alliances are: ironfist dwarves, lizardfolk, druids of 
the mere and the wendersnaven. You also need to reach the Vale of Merdelain and
strike directly at the King of Shadows but this cannot be done until later. 
Finish up your business at the keep, then leave. You'll want Khelgar, Grobnar 
and Elanee in the party for this bit.

First stop is the Ironfist dwarves. Speak to the boss in the last room - he 
won't have anything to do with you but Khulmar sends you to Mt Galardrym to 
retrieve the belt of Ironfist. He also gives you a fire resistance ring which 
you will need (hint). Visit the smith Revorax as well for some very nice items,
especially for Khelgar.

Next, go to the Circle of the Mere and Bishop joins the party. I don't think 
there's any way to avoid a fight here so, after the cutscene, kill them, take 
the loot and head for Port Llast. 

Fight Light of Heavens near the entrance, then talk to the two crazy gnomes on 
the east side. With Grobnar's help, you'll eventually get a map to the 
Wendersnaven. Go to the strange clearing, there is no Wendersnaven and you get 
attacked by orcs on the way out. Also grab the ore vein just to the west of the

This is a good time to visit the Neverwinter merchant quarter to meet Light of 
Heavens again, get Joy for your keep and check out the two new merchants.

Return to your keep, defeat Light of Heavens for the last time, then speak to 
Khralver Irlingstar outside and go to the meeting with Sydney Natale. Offer 
Jalboun double what Sydney is paying and he'll join you in the fight - try not 
to let him die because he'll come to work at your keep later. Also grab the 
ore nearby. When you return to the keep, you probably want Zhjaeve to keep the 
true name scroll. Only she and Ammon Jerro can use it and Zhjaeve is more 
useful. Reform your party and head to Mt. Galardrym.

Take the left path at the first junction, staying at the bottom of the map and 
grab the ore at the end. Then head up to the top right exit and speak to the 
dragon. It wants your help to kill the fire giants. Return to the mountain and 
go up towards the top left exit. There is another ore vein near the big camp. 
Free the prisoners then get ready for a big fight and take the top left exit. 
Ideally you want fire immunity via the 7th level mage spell for your most 
important characters.

When you get the dialogue option to attack either the giants or the dragon, 
choose to attack both. Take down the fire giant king first, then focus on the 
dragon. Once everything is dead, loot the corpses and chests, free the drow 
merchant from her prison, then head back over to the dragon's hoard and loot 
everything there too. There is a rock on the cliff near the dragon's area 
entrance that you can push over for some XP, though the giants below are 
already dead. If you chose the church for your keep, you can advance the quest 
that you getfrom the priest there by finding a mace in the dragon's hoard. I 
couldn't get the priest to recognize I had completed the quest though. There's 
another ore vein at the back of the dragon's lair as well.

You can now get the support of the dwarves by speaking to their leader. The 
Hammerof Ironfist is a good weapon but you need to wear the belt and gloves as 
well. I preferred to wear just the belt along with bracers of armor and the 
Rifthammer. If you speak to Kana after finding the true name scroll, she'll 
tell you the men have tracked the location of a Shadow Reaver. Speak to Guyven 
as well for some advice. The men have also retrieved the gold from the dragon's
hoard if you killed it. 

That leaves the lizards of Highcliff for the alliance quests. You can do this 
even if you slaughtered every last lizard back in part one. Save Gera and 
Zachan (again) on the way, grab another ore (though you already have enough) 
and then go into the village. Speak to the elder and the the captured 
lizardman. After healing his wounds you can interrogate him for information and
some XP. Then head down to the south of the city and defeat Batha and his 
guards to get the support of the lizardmen.

After building up your keep for a while, the next stop is the Shadow Reaver 
camp. Have Zhjaeve or Ammon read the true name scroll while your other 
characters take out the minor enemies first, then the Shadow Reaver. The last 
shard is on the Reaver's corpse. Return to the keep courtyard and Ammon Jerro 
gives you directions to Nolaloth, an ancient crystal dragon.

Around this time (on the evil path) some of Axle's men enter the keep disguised
as greycloaks, then a bit later Axle asks for a meeting. Go to his place in the
merchant district and speak to the doorman to enter. He asks you to kill Moire 
who has formed a rival gang, but first you have to locate their base. In the 
storage area at the top left of the map some thieves are trying to break into a
house but they get blasted by a trap and run away. One stops near the park 
entrance but the other goes to a locked house nearby. I wasn't able to get in 
here and advance the quest any further.

3.15 In Nolaloth's Valley, kill the enemies until you reach the rocky 
outcropping with a crystal at one end. Nolaloth will appear, tell you how to 
reforge the silver sword, then request that you end his life by destroying the 
crystal heart. Go back, bash the crystal and you have to fight the two black 
dragons you saw earlier. They are much easier than Tholaspyx. Afterwards, 
finish off the crystal to complete the quest. There are two more ore veins in 
this area, one right by the entrance and the other in the north-western corner 
of the central clearing.

We're going to West Harbour to reforge the sword but you can't travel there 
directly. Instead go to the Ruins of Arvahn and use the Song Portal. Once you 
exit in West Harbour and kill some shadows, you can cross the river by 
rebuilding the bridge if your main character has the necessary skill (mine 
didn't and I'm not sure which skill is required). You also need four logs, 
three are in a group to the east of the bridge and the other is over to the 
west. If you can't build a bridge, you'll have to wade through the river and be
affected by the poison. Follow the path to the burned patch, reforge the sword,
defeat the second Shadow Reaver with Zhjaeve reading the scroll as before, then
leave using the exit nearby.

Back at your keep, you are summoned down to the beach where a Shadow Reaver is 
attacking your men. This time Ammon Jerro joins your party so use him to read 
the scroll (he gets a second scroll and Zhjaeve keeps hers). He can also wear 
the Neverwinter Nine tunic you were given earlier. Kill the Reaver and grab the
Tome of Iltkazar from its corpse then return to the keep. You can talk to 
Aldanon again but he doesn't recognize that you have the tome. Finish up 
developing your keep and speak to Sir Nevalle near the main gate when ready.

There's a cutscene showing the battle at Highcliff, afterwards speak to Nevalle 
again. He asks you to speak to your people and prepare to defend the keep. 
Reform your party to include whoever you had to drop when Ammon Jerro joined, 
then speak to Nevalle, say that you're ready and he informs you that Ammon 
Jerro is missing. Enter the keep and Aldanon speaks to you and sends you to 
Shandra's farm. You have to kill Koraboros and two of his minions. After that 
there is a cutscene where Ammon apologizes to Shandra for killing her (sob) and
you get a very nice amulet and other loot. 

Back at the keep, speak to Nevalle again and, after a cutscene, you are sent to 
destroy two bridges to halt the enemy advance. You can only choose two 
companions this time. When offered the choice of fighters or archers, I 
recommend archers because the fighters die too quickly. Just advance through 
the area killing everything. Only the last fight after the second bridge is a 
challenge because you are surrounded. Area of effect spells are very effective 
here. After the fight the bridges are destroyed automatically and you return to
the keep.

Get ready for a big fight with more undead and again you only get two party 
members. The way this works is that siege towers arrive one by one, starting 
with the one near your start location, and undead appear from each siege tower 
until it is destroyed. The towers themselves are highly damage resistant and 
your side is continually bombarding them from a distance, so your main job is 
to stay alive and get rid of the undead. Try not to move along the wall until 
each tower is destroyed, otherwise you risk having enemies appear behind you. 
However, you do need to take out any vampire mages so use spells for this. The 
enemies are numerous and of medium strength so area of effect spells work well.
Zhjaeve and Qara are probably your best choices. The greycloaks, dwarves or 
lizards you start with will die, but reinforcements appear fairly regularly. 

After the last tower is destroyed and all undead dispatched, you are sent to 
the courtyard. Hordes of undead swarm through so just keep killing them. 
Finally, Black Garius appears along with a nightwalker. As usual, you will want
mind immunity or at least remove fear. Ignore Garius and just take out the 
shadow. Once it goes down, there is a cutscene where Ammon Jerro reads the true
name scroll, destroying Garius and the rest of the undead army.

Afterwards, back inside the keep, Aldanon finally notices you have the Tome of 
Iltkazar and tells you how to use it. This is the last chance to shop or 
otherwise prepare. Speak to Aldanon again, you'll need to take Zhjaeve and 
Ammon Jerro plus two others for the final assault on the King of Shadows.

Rest and/or buff straight away in the first room as spiders will appear and 
attack you before you move very far. You'll exit into a large, open area with 
many undead and lootable corpses. I didn't find anything on the corpses that 
was useful at this stage of the game. There is also strange, black fog which 
acts as a teleporter. Move over to the right and enter the fog at the bottom of
he stairs. This teleports you to the upper level over on the left. Unlock the 
left hand door and head through. Go down the stairs and fight some blade golems
then through the door at the western end of the area and through some more 
black fog. This sends you to the top right. There is a nightwalker at the 
bottom of the stairs and another tough fight through the south door with a 
lich, two shadow priests and some vampires. Head around to the left and enter 
the final black fog. Some mummies attack you right away and in the last room 
you have to fight *three* Shadow Reavers. Have Ammon Jerro using the true name
scroll constantly - it's best to control him manually to make sure he doesn't 
revert to blasting them with his puny spells.

Proceed to the inner sanctum and all other party members join you. Rest and 
buff because as soon as you open the door, Black Garius appears along with lots
of undead. There is a cutscene where various of your party members may betray 
you and fight for Garius - Bishop always does and Qara is the other one likely 
to leave. Sand and Neeshka may or may not depending on your influence with 
them. They even get equipment if they don't currently have any. A further 
complication is that force fields appear that separate your party. The ones 
left near the door should ignore the nearby enemies and run immediately around 
the ends of the forcefield to get at Garius in the central area.

Once he dies there is a further chance to rest and regroup. Use the portal and
the King of Shadows steps out. There is a truly evil path here, which is to 
ally with the King of Shadows. He asks you to slay all your comrades as a 
gesture of faith, then raises them as his servants. This ends the game.

Assuming you don't do that, the King of Shadows goes down fairly easily. Then 
the fun starts as lots of little replicas of him start appearing from the 
statues and you have to kill all of those. More will appear as the fight goes 
on. Try to keep your party together on one side of the area so you don't engage
them all at once and your mages have some protection. Finally, the big, bad, 
King of Shadows appears but you can't hurt him until all five statues are 
destroyed by bashing them. I split my party into two groups for this. After the
statues, you also need to destroy the portal using the Silver Sword of Gith. 
The King of Shadows is not too hard to kill after that.