Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords Walkthrough

   17.  Malachor V - Endgame                          :MLCRV:
                     /  +  \     ____                 * - Downed Ship
                   _|   ___ \   / __*|                + - Corpse, with Treasure
                   >_  /  _/ \_| /  ||
              __     | \_/   __  \__//
          Ebon   \___|     _|  \     \___
          Hawk__      _   /     |        \_
                \____/ \ |      /+         \
                        \ \_    |____    __/
                         \ /         /  /
                         /  |       /   |____
                         |+ /       \__      /
      /|                 \ /  _    /|__| .  /
     |+|          |\      ||_/ \  |+___  |\ \
    /   \         | \     |   ||  |/   \_||  \
   /+   |_/\      |  |    |  / \\//     __ \  |___
   |__  _   \     |  |    | /   ||     |  \|      |__
      |/ ||\ \    |  /    |/           \__   ____    \___
        / / \ \___/ /                     \_ \_  \_    _/
        | |  |_     |                       \  \___|  /
      __\ \    |    |                        \_      |
      |__+/    |    \                          \_  _/
               |     \                  __       \ \
     To       /       |              __/  \____  /  |
  Malachor --'        |      _/|____/   _ +    \/  /
   Depths  -----.     |    _/        __/ \__  ____/
                |  _  |   /       __/       \/
                | / \ \  /   ____/
               / /   \ \ |  |
              /  \   /  \|  |
          ||_/+.  \__\      \
          |_*_/ \_         + \
                  |    __..__ \
                   \__/      \/

  You're alone. All alone. It's kinda cheap that you spend a game figuring out
  ways to turn your companions into Jedi, leveling them up and giving them
  equipment to be ditched by them now.

    Note: In general, walking over the glowing green parts of the paths results
          in poison mines going off. These are invisible mines that you can't
          disarm, so just avoid the green.

  Anyway, leave the Ebon Hawk, and go down the path. There are Storm Beasts
  throughout this area, but they're just big bruiser types. One quick flurry
  typically takes them out in a single attack. Or stun them with a Critical
  Strike or Force Power. At this point in the game, if you haven't already, you
  should abandon items that improve DEF for items that improve STATS. You'll
  be taking hits, and by this point, there's almost no way to get your DEF high
  enough to make any difference. Now we just want to kill them before they even
  attack you.

  You don't have to do anything at all in this area. It's helpful for later to
  kill all the Storm Beasts, so definitely do that, but beyond that you can
  just head straight to the Malachor Depths. The "downed ships" you see around
  with their damaged consoles are used later, and not by you. (Well, by you
  the player, but not your main character)

  I have to assume you want it step by step, and gather all the items from the
  Corpses littered around. Go forward to the first intersection, then straight
  ahead ignoring the turns. Follow this, turn to go up, then slightly right
  into the "Buried Republic Ship". Skip the console, and get the items from
  the Corpse.

  Go out and follow the wall as it curves on your LEFT. Then go down. Kill any
  Storm Beasts you find here. There's a corpse over map left, usually with a
  lightsaber crystal. Once they're all dead, go down.

  There might be more Storm Beasts here. Kill them, then take the FIRST turn
  to your RIGHT. This will curve around for a while, search the first corpse
  just before it narrows in the "V" section.

  Down through the narrow bit, then back up. Kill any Storm Beasts around.
  Just keep following this passage. The first clearing (the triangle clearing)
  has nothing, but the next clearing (the round clearing) has a corpse. Keep
  going up and we're back at the first intersection. This time, keep going up.
  Follow this around, and about halfway through you'll find a corpse with

  Follow this passage back to where we were before, but this time take the
  SECOND turn to your right. This leads to what is essentially a loop, either
  direction will take you to the next pathway we need to go to. Do one quick
  circuit to kill the Storm Beasts. Once you've cleared the loop, follow the
  lower passage. There's a corpse just before the bridge. Follow this and cross 
  the bridge.

  Once you are across, if you have Mira, then you get a cutscene involving her
  and Hanharr. Keep going.

  This opens up to a larger clearing. Keep going to hit the bottom of the map.
  You don't have to go into the "pointy" bit at the end. Follow the bottom of
  the map, but don't go down into any of the ends. This just leads along to
  the next Buried Republic Ship, with a Corpse just outside it. There's no need
  to enter this one at all.

  Out and up. Keep going up, kill the Storm Beasts. Then skip the area to the
  right, it's a pointless dead end, and go left (NOT the left that leaves this
  area). There is a small dead-end to your left up there, with a corpse, and
  a larger clearing with two corpses in it. Search them, then back, and out
  of this area.

Malachor Depths

  Go out and fight the Storm Beasts. Don't let them gang up on you, if possible
  fight them in a line. They only really do damage if they surround you and
  attack at once before you kill them. Go out and take a right turn (map up).
  This then forks, take the right fork first. Go up and kill these Storm 
  Beasts. There's then a nearby corpse and another Buried Republican Ship.
  Again there's no point in going inside, so back to the Fork.

  Go up the other path of the fork to the very end. You get a nice view of the
  Trayus Academy, where we're going next. For now, though, just search the
  Corpse for loot.

  Back out to where we came in, then just keep going (map down). Clear out any
  Storm Beasts. There's also a corpse right there. Take the lower path and
  follow that along, then along the right hand wall, keep going until you
  find the next buried Republican Ship. Go in and get the corpse's items.

  Go out, turn left (map up-left) and go towards the round clearing. Get the
  items from that corpse, then turn around and take the upper passage. If you
  take this all the way, at the last turn left there's a corpse. Otherwise take
  the first turn left (map up) and through the horrible looking gate. You will
  be fighting a Greater Storm Beast in here. Once you get halfway in the doors
  in and out will close forcing you to defeat it before moving on.

    Tip: If you want to avoid the fight, when you enter, just get as close to
         the right wall as possible, and just follow that out.

  Once through, just go up and enter Trayus Academy. Sith Assassins now bow to
  you. Weird. Don't get used to it.

  Mira vs. Hanharr

  If you got Mira, you'll get her sequence next. She will be fighting against
  Hanharr. The absolute easiest way to deal with him is a simple run and gun.
  Run, shoot, run, shoot. Etc. You can even "bank" a level-up here for the
  healing if you need it, but you probably won't. Once he is defeated he asks
  for Mira to kill him and end his suffering.

  Bao-Dur's Remote

  No matter what, you'll have the Remote sequence next. Bao-Dur asks the Remote
  to fix the Mass Shadow Generator. It amounts to just going out to the four
  Buried Republican Ships, and using their damaged Consoles to activate it.
  You won't have to fight anything if the Exile cleared this place out, however
  if you didn't kill everything, the remote will face those Storm Beasts. The
  remote can't win against these, upgrades or no, and you can't change its
  equipment or give it levels.

  Run to the four Republican ships in the two areas, use the consoles and
  you're done. (250 XP each) G0-T0 arrives after that, and basically holds the
  Remote hostage. This means that if you are Light Side, the Remote will win
  this confrontation, but if you are Dark Side, then G0-T0 will win it.

The Trayus Academy

  You'll immediately face one "Elite Sith Assassin." The other enemies will
  stay in the back for now, so this is an easy fight. These enemies will fight
  with melee weapons, however, you'll soon be fighting Sith Lords and Marauders
  who fight with lightsabers. Use whichever Powers/Shields you need.

  After that are three groups of 3 assassins. Less of an easy fight. You need
  to have Master Speed in order to get through them quickly, otherwise you'll
  be taking hits as you try to work your way through them. The easiest way I've
  found to take these guys is Force Storm, which can sometimes (level
  dependent) clear them out in 2 usages. Or you can use Force Crush on them one
  by one.

  Both doors will end out the same place in the end, but we're taking the right
  door first. Open it and go through.

  Three more assassins wait past the second door. Kill them, then turn right
  and run and gun down this curved hallway. They all group together, making
  group attack powers like Force Storm and Wave perfect. Work your way to the
  bottom, then back up, and through the right door (map right). More enemies
  to work on all down this hallway. Ignore the door out for now, and work your
  way to the bottom to get a locked Metal Box. Up to the door on the right and
  into the Trayus Proving Grounds.

The Trayus Proving Grounds

    Note: You can see how Malachor was cut here. When you've explored this area
          check your map to see "Map Notes" to places you can't get to called
          the "West Cells" and "Meditation Chamber."

  In simple terms, we're working our way through this area, to get back to
  the previous area in a different spot so we can face Darth Sion. You can do
  this on the other side as well, but I chose this one. Be ready for battle and
  open up the first door.

  Assassins and troopers. Again in a small tight group, easy for smacking with
  a major area effect Force Power, or Master Speed + Flurry your way through
  them. The point is to kill as fast and efficient as possible. Kill and move
  on through the next door. Kill and move on through the next door. And one
  more time, through the door up to your left.

  There are a couple more Sith Marauders in this room. Take them out, then turn
  right and go down this hallway. Ignore the side doors, and hit the last door.
  Kill the 6 Sith Troopers in here. This gets you to the last workbench in the
  game, a useful thing to have if you need to upgrade things to take on the
  final boss battles. Make sure you have the absolute BEST of what you can
  equip and upgrade. There's nothing left after this so burn up all your
  components making things.

  5 of these doors go nowhere, you want the middle one on the right. This room
  has Sith Marauders and Dark Jedi in it, followed by a room full of Troopers.
  Again protect yourself from Energy type attacks, use area effects like Force
  Storm, or just Master Speed / Flurry through them one by one. When they're
  good and dead, go up through the next door.

  Nothing in this long room, so through to the next room. Heavy Defense Turrets
  here. Nothing special. Move on. This last room has Sith Lords and Marauders
  in it to complicate things, but if you move fast, they won't last long
  anyway. Work your way through the next room and its Sith, and the next room
  and its Sith.

  Turn right, and through that door. Sith Commandos and gun Turrets. Nothing
  you can't handle. Through the last door, then out to the left. Back into the
  Trayus Academy.

The End Game

  Once you're back, immediately take out the Assassins and Dark Jedi here, then
  search the nearby Metal Boxes for loot. Through the next door, take out the
  Dark Jedi here. Through the last door, then go right towards that door, and
  you meet up with Darth Sion.

  BOSS: Darth Sion

    You cannot beat Darth Sion in battle without beating him in conversation
    first. You basically just have to convince him that he can be defeated. 
    Each time you talk to him you can chip away at his belief system a little 
    more until finally he will go down and stay down. You weaken him by making 
    the [Persuade] and [Wisdom] checks as they come up, this only makes him 
    easier to fight, you still have to fight him.

    As for the battle itself, you can use the same tactics as you did if you
    fought Vrook. Run away, get a column between you and him, then rest, heal 
    and even set mines if you want to. Verpine Prototype Shields work really 
    well here, if you can't pull of a Master Speed + Flurry, which should knock 
    him out in a single attack.

    Beat him four times regardless and you win. He has a random lightsaber, he
    should have a Dark Jedi Master Robe and a Barab Ore Ingot (lightsaber
    crystal) and probably has a Refined Phobium Emitter. You'll have to go back
    to the workbench now if you want these in.

  At this point you can enter the other side of the Academy, if you want the
  XP (the items are fairly meaningless at this point, but you may get a good
  random item drop). But the walkthrough goes on, through the last door to
  confront Kreia.

  There's absolutely nothing here except Kreia, the former and again current 
  Darth Traya, well, who knows what she is now. What do you call someone who
  believes in the death of the Force? Even the Sith wouldn't want that. You can
  ask her questions before the battle if you want, or just leap straight into
  the fight.

  BOSS: Kreia -- Kreia always seems to have twice your vitality, no matter what
                 level you are on.

    Kreia rushes straight at you with a Lightsaber, which is easily countered
    with a good Energy Shield on hand. Also, in the grand tradition of ducking
    around corners, you can just run around one of the columns to ditch her
    if you need to. Besides that she might also fight with any Force Abilities
    that you gave her as she leveled up.

    When Kreia is defeated she all but begs for you to kill her. You can say
    whatever you want here, the result will be the same. She summons up three
    lightsabers to chase you and kill you with.

    This is a little more difficult of a battle than the one with Kreia. Almost
    without exception if you stand and fight them 1-on-3 you will die and
    swift. Which brings up the run and gun tactic from before, except that it
    is very hard to shake them behind a corner. But you needn't take it that
    far, they are weak if you can get them alone. All you need to do is run
    until they spread out in a straight line, turn and attack. Run, turn and
    attack. Also remember that once you are considered "out of combat" you can
    use medpacs from your inventory screen directly. (if you are considered
    "in combat" you can do so as well, but only 1 per combat round)

    If you do get to running around, there are actually a few searchable 
    corpses along the two long pathways at "10" o'clock and "1" o'clock.

    Also, if you ditch them completely, you can simply go back to Kreia and
    attack her directly. At that point she is completely defenseless.

  Once beaten you can decide whether to save her or kill her. Be sure to ask
  about the Future either way, to learn what happens to everyone after all
  this is over.

  Based on whether you kill her or not, you get the light or dark ending.