The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"the nectar press cheat dosent work so get ur facts write and the set ur sims head alite dosent work so will u please stop filling me with bloodlust" - Jamie mckenna

"Okay here's my tip:
1. Press Alt + Tab if you want to go from Sims mode to your desktop. so easy if you need to use the internet at the same time!!
2. Tired of your kids not growing up? Want them to get a job and stuff? Well make sure there's at least 1 ADULT in your house (and as many kids as you want... if you have too many...) and make sure that at least 1 KID has a magic wand and a magic newt-thing. Get the ADULT to go to magic town and buy a dragon egg (or more than one if you have lots of kids) and bring it back. Get the kids to constantly monitor the egg (playing with it more than 10 times before it hatches within 48 hours) and when it hatches, get one of the kids to pet it, groom it, and tickle it -- instantly gaining dragon scales and dragon tears. When you have 2 DRAGON SCALES and have been sitting on the toadstool chair long enough to harvest TOADSTOOLS (or if you just moved into a house get the kids to take the free TOADSTOOLS from the magic box outside your house) add: TOADSTOOLS + DRAGON SCALES + DRAGON SCALES to the newt-spell caster thing and then you'll have an "instant age" charm. If the kids cast this, they will automatically turn into adults and can buy their own meals, get jobs, etc.
3. Check your adults' interests to see what kind of job they'd work best as: high interest in sports = sports career track. Check your kids' interests to see what kind of things they enjoy: Aliens = buy a telescope for them to have fun.
4. Press Ctrl + Shift + C and type rosebud;1:! and put something heavy-ish on the enter key on your keyboard (ie: your mouse, or an eraser) and then walk away. There's no limit on simoleons so it will just keep adding on until you come back to it. Excellent to do if you need to go out or go eat or something. I've had more than 2 million (2,000,000) simoleons. so great when you want to design a house!!
5. To save time and energy levels, go into build mode in magic town from the neighbourhood view and add everything into one place: ie: add the dragon seller, the toadstool seller, the faerie, the snake charmer, a place for performing, the wizards duel stage, seeds for planting elderberries etc, seeds for planting vegetables, roses (and other things normally bought in downtown mode) ---- all so that you can just get your sim into magic town and buy everything they need (even pets!!).
6. Add BAKING MIX + HONEY + PIXIE DUST in the baking oven and a new spell is unlocked!!
7. Make the "Relationship Boost" spell (HONEY + HONEY + PIXIE DUST) and ask new comers if they want to talk about magic. If you receive a negative response when you TALK ABOUT MAGIC then they don't have a magic wand so you can cast Relationship Boost (if you're both in a good mood) and he/she will be more friendly. Also a good spell to use: "Get Happy" (HONEY + GRAPES + PIXIE DUST)." - Smeezles