The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"If you wan't you sim to get maried the first time it sees some one, than if you have makin magic, theres a spell in there that's called the big question, get it and cast it on a cick/dude." - Mandy

"Ok to have never ending eggs what yo do is by a dragon and yes and a jeny then what you do is use the move objects cheat and put the jiny on the nest and you will get never ending eggs.
PSS Different colored dragons can MATE like cool.
PSSS i am cool" - sims dragon dude

"Ok now i don't even have the game but this should work what you do is when the mystery man comes to lay down the box now wate keep reading what you do is pause the game and make a two story house whith no stares then use the move objects cheat on and move him to the second story. Then whith the same cheat pick up the box and give to youre sim get him or her it is better to chose a her sim and get it to make a love poshion and then put her in the same place as the mystery man and put the spell on him then hil be hed over heels in love whith the sim ( : " - The best at sims

"If you make a dark green potion and you want to keep increasing your logic skill, without the pesky clone that arrives, drink it at some un-godly hour (ie: after 1am, before 6 am) and they'll say goodbye!!" - Shmoo

" To get...
4 leaf clover- Barter with Mara (fairey) and give her honey.
Garlic- Barter with Vicky (dragon lady) and give her beeswax Rubber Chicken- Barter with Todd (The man) and give him elderberry nector Snake Venom- Barter with the Snake man and give him golden thread.
To get MagiCoins get full logic and mechical and Proform with the Scentist place and you will probbelly get 25 coins.
To make Magic Nector put in- Toad Sweat, Grapes and Grapes I think to make magic tart put in- farie dust, baking mix and butter So far I have found out that you can enchant your fridge, chess, gnomes and flamingos.
When your making a magic place and you put in aride be sure to put in a toilet nearby so after the ride they can go or they wet their and their hygeine goes down.
When you turn some-one into a toad make sure hey arn't magic or they can turn YOU into a toad instead." - Another Sim Fan