The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"Makin' Magic Tips

You need skills for your person, so you can be a successful magician, so:
1) When you create your person, make it a child first
2) Then edit that person to an adult and what personality points you want, and then you're done.
[[Why did I do this? Because it gives you more skills (ect. cooking, body)]]

Moving in:
1) Press Ctrl+Shift+C, and a rectangle should appear in the top left corner
2) Type in *move_objects on*, except without the stars (*) Then press enter
3) Press Ctrl+Shift+C again
4) This time type in *rosebud ;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;1* and the *;!* can repeat as much as you want, just make sure you make ONE mistake in it. Note that I typed in *1* instead

of *!*
5) After you press enter, it will say "Sorry, that is not a cheat", but keep on pressing enter, and if you look at your money, you will see it rising.

Now, you are ready to build your house. You can be a millionare, and you can decor your house in many ways, with all your money.

Things you should place in your house:
1) Fire alarms by a fire place (if you have one), stoves, and the baking oven
2) Burgular alarm- have only one door for your house leading to the outdoors. Then put a burgular alarm on the doors.
3) If you have the Livin' Large expansion, use the Stray Away sign, so the pets won't stick around and give you a mess to clean
4) If you're planning on buying dragons, I suggest you make them a pen, not out of a wall, but fences, so they won't feel enclosed. Dragons, also eat flowers, so I'd place

that in the pen.
5) Magic supplies, such as the Charm Maker. Don't bother to get a wand charger, a hole, or a spell book, because the Mysterious Man drops it off in a yellow box. Then, you

can add a magic wand, 15 magicoins, Toad Sweat, Toad Stools, and Butter to your inventory

The Mysterious Man's mysterious package has the ingredients to your first spell in your spellbook. It turns out to be Toadification, where you can turn people momentarily

into toads.
Don't try it at Magic Town, or the Mysterious Man will come and fine you in simoleans.
If he happens to try and fine you at home, just go to buy mode and delete him.

Here's come tips if you want to have lots of random magical items that you can't buy in buy mode:
1) Do tons of magic at home. (Invite people over so you can Toadify them)
2) Look around your house after doing ALOT of magic, and you might see Solar Powered GEraniums, Beanstalks, or Ability Crystals. They all grow bigger over time, but they

grow at a faster speed in Creepy Hollow
3) You should keep them in a pen that you can't get into unless you can teleport or go to buy mode and move a person.

Solar Powered GEraniums grow bigger, and are pretty much for decor. You don't need to water it.
Beanstalks also grow bigger, and can be used for decor. There's also a rumor about climbing the beanstalk to go to lot 99 to see Will Wright sleeping, and you get to steal

Magic Beans. But don't count on it, I haven't tried it out yet. But its worth a try.
There is a total of 7 Ability Crystals. They give you special abilities such as: Hand buzzer, Teleportion, Estinguisher, Magic Trick, Levitate, Hot Foot, and one other one I can't


Hand Buzzer-Under the entertainment section. It shocks people when you "shake" their hands. Warning: It makes them dislike you...
Teleportion-Whenever you click the ground, instead of it saying "Go Here", it also says "Teleport Here". It is a much faster way to travel.
Estinguisher-Click a fire, and instead of only saying "Estinguish" it will say, "Cast" and you click that, and then it will say "Estinguisher". It stops the fire faster than any other

way, and I great if you have naughty dragons.
Magic Trick-Under the entertainment section. It finds a quarter in someone's ear. Warning: It makes them happier at you..
Levitate-Under entertainment section. Float above a viewer. Warning: It makes them happier at you.
Hot Foot-Under entertainment section. Set someone's foot on fire. Warning: It makes them unhappy at you.

About the Dragons:
1) The purple dragon is the laziest dragon of all, and rarely breathes fire. How to get one: after you set the dragon's nest on the floor, go to buy mode and put it in the

dragon pen you made. Then interact with it 15+ times. After quite some while, it shall hatch.
2) The yellow dragon is the average dragon, and sometimes breathes fire. How to get on: after you set the dragon's nest on the floor, go to buy mode and put it in the pen

you made. Then interact with it 7-14 times
3) The red dragon is the most active dragon of all, and breathes fire frequently. How to get one: after you set the dragon's nest on the floor, go to buy mode and put it in the

dragon pen you made. Then interact with it 0-5 times, and if you interacted with it 0 times, it should hatch pretty soon.
4) How to have a less chance of getting a fire: Have different colored dragons to interact, with at least 3 dragons at once, so they can play together. Buy multiple toys and

treats for them.
5) Do they fly? No, they just hover. They don't grow, either

About the Dragon Pen:
1) Make no way to escape from it, except going to buy mode and moving your person.
2) If you have teleport, you don't need to go to buy mode, by the way.
3) Make one section of the pen for the nests, and one section for the flowers. They eat the orange flowers in the brick square
4) If you don't have estinguisher, put a fire alarm in the pen by simply placing a small bit of wall in the pen, and placing the alarm on it.
5) You should learn teleportion and estinguisher before you have dragons, so you can escape and put out their fires.

About the magic spells:
1) Ingredients you can buy: Butter, toadstools, toad sweat, beeswax, honey, pixie dust, golden thread, magic beans, llama spit, grapes, sands of time, dragon scales, dragon

tears, pet treat
2) Ingredients you can make: Butter, toadstools, beeswax, honey, golden thread
3) Ingredients you must barter: Rubber chicken, garlic, snake venom, clover
4) Ingredients you have to do challenges for: Diamond dust, pegasus feather, glacial glass, clown confetti, wizard eyelashes
5) Ingredient you must have 2 1/2 stars or more to get from the obsessed fan: black rose
6) Some charms you learn can give you the random magical objects if you use them alot, like toadification, relationship boost, and enchant.
7) Make sure you have full mechanical skills, charisma skills, and logic skills

I hope this helped you!
" - Bean