The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"The Sims Makin' Magic Tip:

ok a lot of people are complaining that when you delete your sim to make her/him happy they are loosing all of the skills that they gained.
well before you delete your sim you have to save the game that way you will still have all of your skills.

The Sims Superstar Hint:

Easy Starpower:

to get easy starpower all you haveto do is become friends with a sim with the last name Somebody.

I hope that helped!" - anonymous

"well ill be a snake on a dokeys bak in the morning its 2006 but anywho if u want to get crystals in ur garden then use alot of magic u shuld get the teleport purple crystle then the silver exgtishiijurh or wot ever and the 1 got yestuday was a red hot foot crystal" cows rock XD" - timmy

"The reason you lose all your skills when you deleted your sim is because YOU DIDN'T SAVE FIRST! You have to save first or else your sims will have to keep studing and playing chess and stuff.

A tip for red dragon owners:
What I did to keep little Burnie from burning down my whole house is to,right after my sim got up,pet, groom, and tickle him. That makes him happy. Once I forgot to do this,and he burned almost everything!

Also, if you use the shed your skin charm and you don't have mechanical skills(i think,at the time my sim couldn't fix a paper bag),snakes will appear on your lot." - thesimsmaster