The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"OK LETS SEE is this my computer being a jackass or is it that if i delete my sim it loses all of his/her skills? Cuz thats what happens to me. ALSO TO GET MAGIC COINS WITHOUT EVICTING OR PERFORMING AND CRAP when the magic man comes, catch him at the moment when he is just about to set down the box. go into buy mode. enter the cheat move_objects on. then move him to another place in the house. click live mode. where he was going to deliver the original box and where you put him, 2 boxes will appear. Keep doing this. as soon as you hit live mode, hit buy mode again and do it over and over. you will have lotsa magicoins and ingredients BEWARNED. it takes PERFECT timing and FAST mouse moving to accomplish this." - HappySimmer

"Well hello to ya'll I'm Resheba from chalkzone and I have a cheat for you:
First ya go to magic town and live there in ya crib then a, get your cheat box up and type MAGI_bud and then press ctrl v and type rosebud once and then press enter.
It will say ' sorry that is not a cheat ' and keep a pressin enter circa 40 times (circa means round about) and then you will get 1000 magicoins and you can move into another magicrib and run magic town." - Despella de Charm

"This is about dragons. The red one, Burnie, is bad, and will set things on fire quit often, the Gold, is a little lazy, rarely strays from his basket, and almost never sets things on fire, and the purple is very lazy. he spends most of his time sleeping. If you tickle a dragon, you get dragon tears. If you pet and groom the dragon, you get dragon scales." - Angelic Devil

"hey whats up? anyways,heres all the tips i can think of:

-to get magicoins,have your sim build up logic skills then go to the magic place with the dueling arena. duel Vicki Vampiress and if you beat her you will git more magicoins than dueling a reagular person.

-when you buy a dragon,it dosent matter if you can just feed the dragon plants, you still need to buy dragon treats it keeps them happier.also,to git a purple dragon, every hour ,cuddle the dragon twice and rotate the it.

-when you go to bed every night, if your sim has the teleporting skill, delete all the doors going into your bedroom that way, your sim has to teleport into the room every night. by doing this you will be using alot of magic and you will git either a beanstalk,a crystal, a root or a magic flower.

-if you want to have all the magic skills, you litterally half to make your sim work their ass off. before you do all the things i am going to tell you to do, make the magic mood charm you will need it.first build up all of your logic,body, and mechanical skills then delete all the doors in your house it will make you half to teleport everywhere. then use magic charms and skills you have for everything EX; for dinner, make the horn of plenty charm. there is your food . when you are done eating, make the dish wish charm now all your plates are gone. cast friend spells on everyone and when you find someone you really like, cast the marriage spell

-happy siming!!" - jackie