The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"i hav found that the second easiest way to get magi coins if someone else is preforming is if there is a snake charmer in the vi8llage place that u r in go charm the snake as many times as u can u get 7 magi coins each time and every time u go to magic town if that is all u do wen u r there u willl get at least 200 every time and if ur sim is tierd of not comfotable jump though a hole and wen u get bak to ur house use the move_objects on code and delete ur sim the clik on there pik and jump bak in the hole" - sims_fan 101

"This is huge!!! I have been working for hours trying to find a cheat to light your head on fire!!! I have finally got it !!
You press shift+ctrl+c and you type gerald_moneybags then instead of pressing enter u press the alt button. Many people have tried this and said it was awesome!!" - FreddyBettyBeBop

"the lighting yr head on fire dont work.i just tried it it dosent work i typed Gerald_moneybags then presses alt it dosent work!!!!!!!! cows rock" - Jackie

"Here are a few tips to having the skelaton maid in your house:

- If you have the skelaton maid and you have an infant in the house the skelaton will take care of the child for you.

- Bridget the Maid is freaked out by the Skelaton Maid and will run like hell from your house if she sees that you have the skelaton maid.

- If you build a seperate room with no doors or windows and have bridget in the skelaton maid in the room she will not be able to leave and will freak out.

- Also if you have a bar setup in the house the maid will also drink from there.

- Also when you use your potion maker and ruin everything in your house instead of calling the repairman and paying 50 bucks knock on the door and the skelaton will repair everything in your house for free. " - javaqueen