The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"when u go to and get i dragon make sure when it is an egg look after it well or other wise it can trurn in2 a red dragon and dat aint gud
luv ya babe XXXX" - buff girl

"you do not have to use magic for sixty days for full growth of your beanstalk more about dont go to lot 99 you just see will wright sleeping and steal magic beans.this is cool to if you know how to teleport, you can go to the second story! (its just flooring, but its still cool.) cows rock!!! " - jackie

"This is about dragons. If you are not useing cheat codes, and you are tight on cash, feeding dragons is easy. Just put a fence around the trash can and you are done. The maid or butler will dance around trying to throw it away but they will go home later. The dragon will go and eat it. Also, if you need toadstools, fence up your dragon first so he won't eat them." - myka1919

"To get ALL the spells & charms and get a magic town house First do the evicting method you should get alot of butter ect. after you got 1000 mc go to any magic place and write down all the prices on ingredients and g back home the cheak the spell book and see how many of differint ingredients you need then do math to figure out the total price and add that to 1000

P.S you can also sell stuff you don't need i.g Dtears would go to the vampiress" - Sims_r_sexy

"If you get a dragons nest and then it hatches into a dragon it might start breathing fire so I would suggest either setting it free or putting fire alarms in each room and outside." - The Enthusiast

"Get full logic,mechanical and, cooking.Then you can do any magic you want . Every 15 spells that you cast in a normal neighborhood or if you have 1500 or 1000 magicoins you can move to magictown and every ten spells you cast you get : solarpowered geranium,beanstalk,or an ability crystal. Some of them are : hotfoot,levitate,or extinguisher." - DSS1411

"if u get all your logic skills u can get 25 magic per performance!" - gummi bear