The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"This is how you can get a single sim with a husband or wife without the hassle. you can only do this if you have the sims unleased too. First bye a cat or dog and make sure that it is the opposite sex, like if you sims a girl get a boy. then in the wand charger put pet treats, clown confetti, and butter. this will get you "a friend indeed". put this on your pet. It will turn you pet into an adult and he or she will automatically be part of you family. Make sure you bond with you pet if you want them to like you. But as a warning they usually arent very attractive." - SIM LOVER

"I have gotten all the abilities from the crystals. You just have to keep casting spells." - simmer2345

"how yall doin' yall!
just a little tip on the enchanting the gnomes, never ever enchant the gnomes when you have a press, you know, those things you make nectar with, because they'll swim in it and catch things on fire.

and also, you can enchant those pink garden flamingoes and they turn into Go Go dancers, and they talk to you and when you're in a bad mood, they'll give you a back rub!

Much luv!" - Britter-Bug!

"To get a purple dragon (Torch) always rotate and cradle it. If you play music 1x it could turn into a red one (Burnie) ! If you keep using magic a beanstalk could appear in your yard." - whateva

"Don't delete the Age an Instant charm after the child in your house uses it, if you plan to have another child. After the baby has bubbled into a kid, the kid will be able to use the charm as well." - Dawnswept

"When u use alot of magic, magical things will appear in your yard: Crystals, beanstalks, and other magical gifts!" - Simluvers