The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"If you get a red dragon they burn stuff down if you get a gold dragon they are good dragons and possibly might burn stuff down but its unlikley if you get a purple dragon they are really lazy" - beardieluver13

"When you get challenged to race to see who can touch the most toadstools, instead of clicking on the toadstool from far away, tell your sim to 'go here' next to the toadstool, that way they should run to the toadstool, and then you get them to touch it. This way saves you time. Sometimes they don't run if they are not very active or are in a bad mood." - Ells

"In Sleepy Hollow Area where the Magic Town is, you can only move in to them if you have magic coins. And if you already live in one of them, your grapes and elderberries will grow faster than it is in the normal sims lot. Not only that! But the crystals and everything grows faster or appears faster. And trust me, i've tried many ways to get magic coins and everything but the most best way i could find is to get all your skills pumped up because then you have the perfect sims and then go to magic town and perform 'magic storm' all the time until your sims too tired to do anything. I keep doing that. And now i have everything and anything. my sims is a full witch now... ; )" - simsfreak

"A fast way to make simoleones is to buy alot of "as the plot thickens" and buy eldiberries sprigs for 30 simolions. Plant them and raise them. Then harvest them. If you have a good cooking skill this will come in handy. Get the berry presser and make some nectar. Then sell it! This way you can get 100-500 simolians! For magicoins just spin a whole bunch of thread and add it to your inventory. Go to magic town and sell to the farie and you will get magicoins! The better the quality the better the price!" - Magik Dude


if u buy a potion maker, these are the colors:
Yellow:reversed personality
Red:u fall in love
Pinkish purple:monster
Light green:feel bad
Dark green:clone

It's also fun to box a fence anound the potion maker, then invite someone you dont like over. do this when you make a bad potion(like pinkish purple)When they come over, make sure u greet them, then thansport them into the box with the MOVE_OBJECTS ON cheat. Usually they will drink the potion.It is fun to watch them suffer being a monster or be in a bad mood." - kevin chmiel