The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"Ok, I have a few tips for you, so here they are...

If you have Gnomes, and you cast the "Perfect Garden" Charm, The Gnomes will turn Evil and destroy your Gardens and Kick and Abuse you.(Which is kinda funny)

There are 3 different colors of Dragons, Red(Burnie), Gold(?), and Purple(Torch). The Purple dragon is the best, because he/she never really burns stuff. Burnie, the Red one, LOVES TO BURN STUFF. Make sure you give he/she a cage. I haven't had the GOLD one, but its not the best one you can have.

If you cast lots of spells, like enchanting stuff, a magic thing will appear on your lot. Things such as Magic Beanstalks, Roots, Magic Flowers, and Magic Crystals. I've had all except Magic Crystals.

To get your own ToadStools, sit on the Toadstool Chair a LOT! To Get Dragon Tears, Tickle Your Dragon(May Take a while) To Get Dragon Scales, Groom your dragon(May take a while)

If Children play with the 'Visions of Sugarplums" toybox, your child may play with Faeries, and get drenched in Faerie Dust, which you can keep.

Well, thats all I can think of off the top of my head. I have all the spells and stuff, so if you need help, just ask...yeah." - Gnome Lover Named Cherie

"Make ur sim make some elderbery or honey necter by using the winepress. The items arn't hard to find in magic town. When ur sim is jumping int the thing press f3 and do the cheet thing type magic_wine. You will 500 of the necter that u made and also 500 magicoins will be in your inventory. Do this twice and the u can make a family next to magic town" - mizz blak

"BIG HELP TIP! Hey. I know that this is a big cheat but go to and go to hacked objects. On page one you will find a "vase" thing and when you download it it should be under decorative for 5 simoleans. You can get free speels ( not all of them but enough) free ingrediants, dragon items, over 30,000 magi coins and simoleans, refresh everyone's mood, nectar, all personality and skill points, free crystal skills and much more! I haven't cheated in all my magic sim homes only one! I have climbed the beanstalk because of it. You can climb it more than once and each time you go up atleast mith another magical sim you can get more magic beans! P.S. Dragons will only eat yellow flowers not the pink ones! magic growths happen a lot faster on magic town lots. I had 7 beanstalks growing at once! Well good luck, I hope this helps. Happy simming!" - Realin