The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"I found a shourtcut for magic coins. No need to train your sim to the max and perform for 15 magicoins. Notice everytime your sims buy new houses they get a package? That package contains 35 magicoins. All you have to do is add them to your inventory, save the game, go back to the main map and evict the family. Then choose the same family and buy them a new house. In the play mode wait until Mistery Man appears with the box, open it and add everyting to the inventory. save game and start all over again. You not only get 35 coins everytime, but butter, toadstool and toads sweat." - Vicky

If you'd like to have your own personal gardener or entertainer then make a enchant charm. The ingredients are: x1 butter, x1 toadstools and x1 pixie dust its that easy.

Dragons are easy to get all you need to do is go visit 'Vicki Vampiress' and buy a dragon nest for 49 MagiCoins." - Kimmie

"To easily get all the spells create a person then go to a unused lot then make then look at the spell book and write down all the ingredients u need then make the go to magic town and buy all the ingredients and the go back to the neighborhood and make then a house ect. and you can create all the spells at one time" - Sims Fan

"hey! this iz about tha dragons.
i did sum expiramentin' & i figured out that tha dragons will eat: Wildflowers Tulips Daffodils Nasturtiums and they eat Trash! a reel easy way 2 make trash is to buy those Jack-O-Lanterns from the decorative stuff under buy mode, make your person "dispose" it, and when he's heading to the trash can, click "cancel" on the icon at the top of the screen and then trash will appear beside him/her. BUT: if you have a Butler or a Bag-O-Bones, they'll clean tha trash up!" - Britter-Bug!

"If your sim loves the outdoors, make a garden house for him or her just put the garden/flowers down before making your house then put your walls around the garden and Wa-Laa! a green house! you can also do this to add a playground or pool in the house." - lala