The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"if you cnt get stuff for your kids, download the bookcase from that holds ingredients, and have you adult buy the ingredient you need. then have them put the ingredient in the bookcase. then select your kid and select get wand ingredients on the bookcase. Hanson Rox My Sox!" - hanson fan

"I tried to make the magic nector with toadsweat, grapes and sugar. But it doesnt work. the one that works is to add toadsweat, grapes and grapes. thats how you make the magic nector." - i7i7kim

"When you cast the "Beauty or Beast" charm the heads of you and whoever is around you will turn into a donkey head. To get rid of the donkey head quickly, take a bath and you will be back to normal." - Kim

"If you mix 2 grapes and 1 TOAD SWEAT (not toad stool) in the press you get instant ghost in a bottle." - simluver

"When u move in, u get given some ingredients, magicoins, and magic stuff. U also get complete happiness. So when u start a family DON'T build a house, just put in a bookcase and chair/ chess table or whateva. U can get them 2 study until they are almost asleep. (but you may have to put in a loo) The open the package, sell the magic stuff to get more money, save the game and evict them. U can repeat this as many times as u like, & actually gain money from all the magic stuff." - ZED

"Dragons will also eat toadstool. Just have your sim sit on a couple of toadstool chairs and the dragons will go after it automatically. they also eat trash piles and flowers (I have heard). I cant seem to climb the beanstalk.. i dont know how that works. from crystals: i have learned extinguish, levitate(under entertain), hot foot, teleport, ..but not handbuzzer yet." - mandi567

"When u go to Magic Town, if ur gonna get a dragon, u only need about 60 magic coins cause the nest costs 44, a chew toy costs 9, and u don't need to get treats cause u can just get a whole bunch of plants, and ur dragon can eat that." - Abby