The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"Mara usually asks for honey and gives you a four leaf clover, when you do a quest and wins she will most likley give you a pegesus feather. Vicki Vampiress gives you garlic and when you do a quest she normaly gives you wizard eyelashes for quests. Aother thing, if one of the quests comes up about clearing the clouds or touching the toadstools. Touching the toadstools is hard with the vendors and clearing the clouds takes time and is tiring." - Ellie

"hey dudes, just a small tip about the dragons! don't spend all ur coins on treats, just plant a bunch of flowers in your yard and keep the dragon outside and they'll eat the flowers! I use the nasturtium ones, I ain't tried the others. I managed to keep seven dragons happy before I forgot to plant more and three of them ran away! hehe good luck peeps." - chell

"Your Dragon will leave you if you do not take care of it. This includes feeding. Dragons eat trash piles. Command your sim to "clean up" any trash intended item and while this item is in hand cancel the task. Your sim will drop the item creating a trash pile and your dragon will eat the pile. To make the biggest mess grill and have your sim "grab a plate", cancel task, "clean up" the dropped plate, cancel task. You can get a lot of trash piles with hamburgers which is helpful when you have a purple dragon. They seem to eat the most and demand food very often. " - PlayMateMikel

"Here are the kids spells
Beauty or Beast Jr. Toadstools Toadstools Toadstools
No More Puddles Toadstools Toadstools Dragon Tears
Make Cakes Toadstools Toadstools Faerie Dust
Invisible Friend Toadstools Faerie Dust Faerie Dust
Clone Drone Jr. Toadstools Dragon Tears Dragon Scales
Age of Instant Toadstools Dragon Scales Dragon Scales
Get Happy Jr. Toadstools Faerie Dust Dragon Scales
Enchant Faerie Dust Faerie Dust Dragon Tears
Smiley Face Jr. Dragon Tears Dragon Tears Faerie Dust
Faerie dust = toy box
Dragon tears/scales = pet dragon
toadstools = toadstool chair" - Kid sim