The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"When playing against the vendors for items you can't buy, it's easiest to beat the vampress. She gives more toadstools to hit and sometimes challenges you to a duel, which is easy if you read the previous tips. Use pause often with any of the vendors! It makes it very easy to find people to "deliver" things to, or to acquire "bricks", etc. from. Anyone with a magic wand can dissolve the cloud game, it just takes a little patience... try to get the outside clouds first so they don't spread." - SandiB

"Here is great way to get all your skills and magicoins all in one! Move into a house but don't get furniture just get stuff for your skills for mechanical get the prick me not spinning wheel because you also get golden thread, one person made 43 golden threads while getting their whole mechanical skill filled up, for cooking skills get the honey and beeswax maker because you can get those too, so just make the parents work and whenever they are too depressed open the box from the mystery man and get the ingredients and magicoins added to your inventory and evict the family then move them in again and do the same thing over, as soon as you get your mechanical and logic skill up make one person jump in the hole and perform until "they get depressed" you will get a lot of magicoins with your skills, then go back to your house and make the other adult do the same and so on. While the adults get their skills up the kids can continuously play with the sugerplum toy box and get fairie dust! As soon as you save up enough money but a house in magic town possibly the boarding house because the lot is huge and you can make the house bigger too." - Christa

"A good idea is before you start with magic, make sure you have all your mechanical, logic, and cooking. Afterwards, go to magic town and get lots of MagiCoins. Then you should go and get all the ingredients you need ( write it out on paper ) That way, you can make all you're charms and spells at the same time. Oh! and another really cool thing is with shed your skin, if you have a ghost around your house, you can do that charm, and talk to them! Or, if their annoying you, you can tell that ghost to "shoo". As well, I had some trouble figuring out how to get kids their ingredients, well 1: buy a dragon and collect scales and tears from it 2: Play with the purple toy box ( with the butterfly) to collect Faerie Dust 3: For toadstools, sit on the toadstool chair. Another useful tip, is if all of your family is magical and you get a crystal the whole family can benefit and learn the ability from that one crystal. Also with the dragon, red means it is a "active dragon" they become this way by only interacting with them 1-3 times. The yellow dragon is a "normal" dragon they become this way by interacting 4-6 times (as a baby) and a purple dragon is a "lazy" dragon they become this way if interacted with 7-16 times. Be sure that the dragon has some animal friends to play with too. And too, ha ha yes i'm getting carried away, beanstalks, crystals, and flowers, all grow faster on magic town lots." - M_Daly

"Lots of people don't know how to get stuff for kids so here it is:

Toadstool-Get your Sim to sit on the toadstool and eventually a toadstool you can harvest might grow anywhere.

Pixie Dust-Play with the pink toy box.

Dragon scales-Pet the dragon often and the scales will appear near you in a jar.

Dragon tears-Tickle the dragon often and the tears will appear near you in a bottle.

(Buy the dragon nest in magic town from one of the vendors with a adult and take care of it to raise it to become a dragon, just like the kids.)

Hope this helps all those people who love sims. (SIMS ROCK THIS WORLD)" - The Wizard of Oz err... Sims dats rite