The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"hey with the dragons only the red one is bad and its red if u play music 1 time 4 times 7 times etc.. and to get a lot of magic coins study mechanical and logic until its full (if they get sad which i guarantee the use the move_objects cheat delete them and bring them back they'll be happy again) then go to magic town when its full (if you go through the hole one person goes and it doesn't cost anything) then go on one of the platforms and perform over and over again until the get sad then bring them home delete them then bring them back to magic town and do it again until you get 4000 magiccoins then evict the family and you can move them into to magic town it originally costs 1500 or 2000 magiccoins plus simoleans but if you get 4000 you still have magic coins left for magic town" - Sims lover

"sometimes getting alot of just honey or bees wax,tread or butter you can trade with Todd or Vicki for some ingredients that cost alot of magicoins so get as much as you can " - simsfan

"when u try to turn people into donkeys or toads make sure you know them or else you will turn into a donkey or toad for a very long time.." - pint-sized

"I love the Sims and the easiest way to get magicoins is to go into Magic town and perform as many times as you can. Trust me i tried it the hard way and it takes forever." - sim crazy

"To buy a pet dragon you need about 150 magicoins, the nest costs 44 and the treats and the chew toy are 5 magicoins i think so when you buy a nest get lots of treats and 1 chew toy so if they are bored they kill it with their teeth :)" - Magic Mayhem

"Actually if you click on the Wand Charger, you can click 'Add to Inventory' and can add a wand. Not sure if there is a limit there, though. But I haven't needed to buy a wand yet. Also, if you cast the Perfect Garden charm, and you have gnomes ANYWHERE (even if they haven't been enchanted), they will wake up and start destroying all plants!" - katwyld

"If u get 2 dragons and treat them differently they will be different colors. If they are differnt colors and they play together they can breed." - OnInsaneGirl ;)