The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"This is about the dragons. So far I have seen a red, purple, and gold, I have heard that the golden one is bad, well so is the red one. To get a purple dragon(its a good dragon) u have to wait 2 days, plus u have to cuddle it and rotate it. Then one the 2 day put on the headphones and the dragon will hatch. Oh, and just to be safe buy a chew toy and treats." - Sim Girl

"In the beginning, when you are furnishing your house, don't buy the Wand Charger, Hole In The Ground, or Family Spellbook. The Mystery Man will come and drop off ta big box, and those things come in the box." - Wormy D. Bookworm

"If you get a Dragon and play with it and pet it .It will give you Dragon scales and dragon tears. Which helps the child who cant go buy things from the vendors.

If you complete all of the spells you will get several gifts.

If you need too get an item like black roses to complete your spell book become a celebrity. The obsessed fan will leave you flowers and you will be able to do that spell." - Broudway_babe

"If you keep doing magical tricks around the house, by like casting enchant on ur fridge, chess set and gnomes or by using the magic crystals you make, you will be able to learn abilities. If you keep doing this you will eventually see a large colored crystal that will appear around your home or yard. Click on it and do wot it far i have learnt how to do the hand buzzer trick that will appear under the entertainment option when u talk 2 someone...teleport which will allow u 2 teleport around the house making it a lot quicker 2 get from place 2 place...extinguish whick allows you to put out fires quicker then a fire extinguisher ( handy if u have a naughty little dragon) and levitate ( i haven't figured out how that works yet)...just 2 note:- by teleporting around the house that also allows you to get more crystals...don't be upset if it doesn't happen after a few can take a while...i don't no how many abilities you can get...but it just takes keep at it....happy simming!" - Behind Blue Eyes

"The quickest way I've found to make magic coins is to take your sim to "Vernon's Vault" in magic town. Have him "go here" to the steps of the stage, so that he'll run and beat everyone else. Tell him to perform "magic storm". While he's performing, tell him/her to perform "magic storm" again. If you keep telling him/her to perform while he is performing, he will not leave the stage, saving you time and energy. When he runs out of comfort or energy, have him/her jump back home thru the nearest hole. As he/she leaves the stage he/she will collect magic coins for all his/her performances at once. Also, "magic storm" takes less time and energy than "spectral spouses" and "mummy's tomb" takes the most time. It doesn't seem to matter to anyone that your sim keeps performing the same one." - SandiB