The Sims Makin' Magic Tips & Secrets

"This is about the dragons. So far I have seen a red, purple, and gold, I have heard that the golden one is bad, well so is the red one. To get a purple dragon(its a good dragon) u have to wait 2 days, plus u have to cudle it and rotate it. Then one the 2 day put on the headphones and the dragon will hatch. Oh, and just to be safe buy a chew toy and treats." - The Sim Freak!

"If a kid plays with the Visions of Sugarplums toy box....the kid will get faerie dust" - sarah

"Be sure you have a wand before you use the computer family spell book, or you may find things shocking!" -  Flirty_Girl

"to make magic nectar:  Add toad sweat grapes and sugar to the juice press to make magic nectar" - R-cat

"When you are trying to get a good magic show you should always have all of your mechanical and logic points that way you will get the most you can get (magicoins)." - Jennifer

"When you climb the beanstalk you don't go to the lot 99, you just go in the clouds and steal some magic beans and see Will Wright sleeping." - SimsGirl

"If u leave ur dragon egg alone or just put headphones on it, it will be a red dragon. If u don't want ur dragon burning things up then give the a chew toy, food, and a u have to keep them happy by grooming them, petting, and tickling. They will still set things on fire, but not as often as usual. See ya in Magic Town. ;)" - Crazy_Sexy_Cool

"When you duel in magic town, you can see what spell the opponent is going to use before they even cast it by looking for which ball is flashing. Each spell defeats two other spells: Black beats white and yellow; Blue beats black and yellow; Red beats black and blue; White beats blue and red; and yellow beats Red and White. Oh, and use your pause button to work out a strategy....especially against the vendors." - cupidsbaby_17